Who Sells Farberware Coffee Pots

Who Sells Farberware Coffee Pots?

Who sells Farberware coffee pots? More than 120 years ago, Simon Farber started a small business. Selling kitchen items to local retail stores and the public.

And every year, their sales rose as the company expanded into making cooking pans, coffee pots, coffee makers, and various tableware.

In 1997, the Farber family descendants sold the brand and its manufacturing facilities to the Meyer Corporation.

Since then, the new owners decided to keep the famous Farberware name on all the products and become a worldwide kitchenware seller.

Why has Farberware, particularly Farberware coffee pots, been such a massive hit with the public?

The items are popular because they are well-designed, well made and have over 100 years of a rock-solid track record of excellence.

Not only that, but all Farberware coffee pots and other items the company sells come with a lifetime quality and materials warranty against defects.

On review sites and in millions of social media accounts, consumers rave about their Farberware coffee pots.

Many ask, “Do I have to buy directly from the company or are the pots available in retail and e-commerce stores?”

The answer is that Farberware is sold virtually everywhere, so the chances are excellent that your favorite merchant sells them.

What kinds and varieties of coffee pots are sold? Coffee lovers can choose from two basic types: electric percolators and stovetop models.

Some consumers like using their stoves to make coffee each morning, while others prefer to plug in a free-standing percolator and brew a batch of java.

The Farberware line of automatic electric coffeemakers is competitively priced and high quality.

On average, both pots work fast, delivering about one cup per minute. The three main pots are 4-cup, 8-cup, and 12-cup kettles and percolators when it comes to size.

Additionally, there are several designs to choose from. Still, your only accurate buying decisions are to select an electric or stovetop and decide whether you want a 4, 8, or 12-cup model.

Who Sells Farberware Coffee Pots?

Most retailers selling kitchen items sell Farberware coffee pots. But not all sell the entire line. So you must check your favorite retailer for the size, design, and type you want.

When dealing with major retailers, your Farberware coffee pot usually arrives within a few days. It is securely stowed in a package or sturdy box and contains instructions, a written guarantee, and all accessories.

In each seller-specific section below, click the store link to see what kinds of Farberware coffee pots they sell.

It is important to remember that merchants often carry only one or two of the many Farberware coffee devices, so shop with your specific needs in mind.


The world’s leading retailer, Walmart, sells Farberware.

The company’s stores are among the few major retailers that carry the entire lineup of Farberware coffeemakers, percolators, and pots, both electric and stovetop versions.

Walmart sells more than 25 Farberware coffee devices in all.


If you are an Amazon shopper, the online store offers home delivery on about a dozen Farberware coffee pots and percolators. The Yosemite is one of Amazon’s biggest sellers.


Coffee fans who prefer to shop at Target will find Farberware kitchenware items—offering a variety of coffee pots or percolators.

Bed Bath & Beyond

People who enjoy the broad lineup of Bed Bath & Beyond products will be happy to discover that the retailers offer two of the most popular Farberware items in this category, the 8-cup and 12-cup stovetop percolators.

The latter version, the Yosemite, is one of the all-time biggest sellers among non-electric coffee devices. While camping, you use your at-home stove or place the pot over a steady heat source.


If you prefer to go to the source, check out the Farberware website to locate the perfect coffee pot or percolator.

The company site sells hundreds of cooking-related items like toasters, grills, food processors, blenders, coffee pots, and much more.

The five Farberware coffee pots you can buy include three electric models for brewing four, eight, or 12 cups at a time.

Or, choose between two electric coffee makers, one a 5-cup model and a 12-cup version.

The company website offers a wealth of information about the full Farberware product line, materials used, and prices of all coffee and non-coffee items, like bakeware and cookware.

If you like Farberware coffee pots, it’s easy enough to shop around for other popular kitchenware that the company makes. Otherwise, choose the coffee pot size and style you want and order it via the online store.


For auction site enthusiasts, eBay is ideal for placing orders or bids for any item that strikes your fancy.

Whether you’re searching for a stainless steel percolator or cookies to go with your coffee, eBay always has a decent selection.

But because it is, by nature, an auction site, finding used and “like new” items can be hit-or-miss.

However, you can always get the Farberware 4, 8, and 12-cup percolators, electric and stovetop models, and other assorted products made by the company.

The cool thing about eBay is that if you check into the site occasionally, you can usually find out-of-production and unusual, one-of-a-kind Farberware items, like a 36-cup coffee urn and in-the-box, never-used coffee pots from the famed manufacturer.


Devoted Kohl’s shoppers can find a Farberware percolator at a competitive price, but the retailers often sell the 4-cup versions. Even then, Kohl’s doesn’t stock many Farberware coffee pots.


Macy’s has carried Farberware coffee pots and other kitchen items for decades.

Still, as the store faces hard times and many closures, their online page offers three versions of Farberware coffee pots: the 4-cup electric percolator, the 12-cup electric, and the 12-cup stovetop Yosemite model.

At Macy’s brick-and-mortar stores, you can’t be sure of what is in stock at any given time. So, if you have a favorite local Macy’s, call ahead and see what Farberware models they have.

Otherwise, you can order from Macy’s online store.


If Wayfair is your preferred retailer, you’ll find a few Farberware coffee devices, including the 12-cup stovetop Yosemite, 8-cup, and 4-cup electric models.

Wayfair’s Farberware offerings change occasionally, so check in with the website every so often to see which items are available.


Check out their kitchen section the next time you’re in a Lowe’s store. Likewise, the company’s online selection of Farberware coffee devices includes most top-sellers.

Lowe’s sells electric and stovetop models in all three main sizes, 4, 8, and 12-cup models.

Who Sells Farberware Coffee Pots? Final Thoughts

Stainless steel electric percolators are popular items during the holiday shopping season. And Farberware is a top brand that many individuals and commercial buyers prefer.

The good news is that you can buy the pots practically anywhere.

And, if a truly excellent cup of java is what you’re after. All you need is ground coffee, water, an electric percolator, and a cup.

Replacement parts for some coffee pots can be hard to find. But that’s not the case with Farberware coffee percolators, whether electric or stovetop models.

It’s easy to order replacement parts from most sellers or the company’s website directly.

Buying replacement parts directly from the manufacturer is worthwhile for specific coffee machines. For other coffee machines, you might get better prices and reliability from third-party sellers.

Check the link above or the company’s primary e-commerce web page if your preferred retailer makes an error.

Just remember that mistakes do occur, and shipping times vary. The tracking tool allows you to keep tabs on your package until it arrives safely at your door.

Of course, if you shop at one of the big-box retailers and purchase in person. You won’t have to deal with packages or boxes.

Also, you’ll have the product in your hand when you walk out of the store.

Farberware makes some of the world’s finest coffee kettles, pots, and percolators. The company has been at it for more than a century.

Furthermore, their entire line of kitchen items continues to gain market share among discerning shoppers.

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