What Is Sunrise Batch coffee

What Is Sunrise Batch coffee?

I needed to know more when I first heard the lovely morning-evoking name Sunrise Batch. Dunkin offers several seasonal coffee blends, including Sunrise Batch coffee.

So, what is Sunrise Batch coffee? This medium roast is known for its complex flavor and smooth taste. That is just what I was looking for!

The proper coffee can start your day with good energy and positively influence you for the coming days. However, it cannot be easy to find coffee with a good flavor balance of sweet and tangy.

As coffee continues to be one of the most popular beverages worldwide, coffee companies, large and small, continue to innovate with new varieties and drink preparations.

Different coffees may contain various bean types roasted in many ways before making a unique beverage.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about Sunrise Batch Coffee, including:

  • Availability
  • Tasting notes
  • Varieties
  • Flavors

Limited Batch Series

Sunrise Batch Coffee is part of Dunkin’s Limited Batch Series. That initiative started in 2021, intending to offer unique batches of coffee for limited times.

Dunkin aims to make each batch different from the last.

The batch before Sunrise was the Explorer Batch. This brew was a medium roast with dark undertones. Familiar flavors included berries, earth, and smoke.

The beans came from Columbia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sumatra, representing the first beans from Sumatra and Ethiopia at Dunkin.

Holiday Blend also appeared in 2021 and 2022. This medium-roast blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans. It includes flavors of gingerbread, molasses, and fruitcake.

Besides these blends, Dunkin has also released other Limited Batches over the last few years.


This coffee blend is only available in the summer as a limited edition brew. You can find it on the limited summer menu in both cold brew and hot versions.

Bean Origin

The beans in this coffee blend come from Latin America and Kenya. This blend represents the first time that Dunkin used beans from Kenya. All the beans in this blend are Arabica.

Dunkin allocated $40,000 to connecting coffee suppliers in Latin America with the Partnership for Gender Equality’s Virtual Learning Journey.

That partnership provides an online workshop series that teaches about gender equity. It also looks at plans and solutions related to issues in these areas.

Tasting Notes

Sunrise Batch is full-bodied and known for its bright yet smooth taste and balanced flavors. The brightness is part of why this is called a Sunrise blend.

This beverage is an excellent choice for coffee drinkers who do not like a lot of acid in their drinks. It contains notes of nuttiness, cocoa, and tanginess.

As a result, it goes well with savory food items, including those on Dunkin’s menu.

Hot and Iced

While the original Sunrise Batch was only in a hot form, it is now also a cold brew. The original hot version was quite popular.

However, the cold version quickly surpassed its hot counterpart in popularity.

Those who like smooth blends and a less acidic taste understandably enjoy the cold version. Both varieties have the same nutty and cocoa flavors, bright flavor, and smooth finish.

The cold variety brews for at least 12 hours in small batches overnight. So, when you get your cup in the morning, it will be fresh.


Sunrise Batch is pretty sweet on its own. While this coffee is good, you can try plenty of flavored versions.

These flavors include mocha, caramel, butter pecan, cake batter, and French vanilla.


If you’re looking for more information about Sunrise Batch coffee, look at the Q&A below.

How often does Dunkin have Sunrise Batch coffee?

Sunrise Batch was available at Dunkin during the summer months of 2021 and 2022, starting in April.

As a seasonal beverage, the company swapped this drink for other options in the fall. Given the popularity of this drink, it seems likely that the company will bring it back in 2023.

Keep an eye on the Dunkin menu to see for sure. The coffee company issued a little advanced notice before the coffee reappeared in 2022.

As a result, you will likely only know about a return slightly before April.

How strong is Sunrise Batch coffee?

As a medium roast, the coffee has a strong caffeine content compared to darker varieties, with a caffeine content of around 120 milligrams per cup.

The cold brew version may have slightly less caffeine than the hot variety due to the different brewing processes.

Does Dunkin care about sustainability?

Even though Dunkin is a large coffee chain, which often gets a reputation for not caring about sustainability, Dunkin does have a few initiatives to prioritize sustainability.

In September 2022, the company announced it committed to using only responsibly sourced coffee by 2025. As part of this goal, Dunkin works with Enveritas to end poverty among smallholder coffee growers.

The company also donated to One Tree Planted to support tree planting in coffee growing regions, trained suppliers, donated to World Coffee Research, collaborated with The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, and empowering women in the coffee industry with Equal Origins Virtual Learning Journey.

What should I pair with Sunrise Batch coffee?

Since the coffee flavors balance sweet, tangy, and nutty, you can pair whatever you want with this coffee blend.

However, Dunkin recommends delicious options, such as avocado toast or bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Chocolaty options, such as a donut, also go well with this coffee’s nutty and chocolate notes.


The Sunrise Batch from Dunkin is a coffee blend that aims to provide a smooth yet tangy sip in the morning. This type of coffee was originally a limited edition option in 2021.

So, it is only available in the summer months. So, if you see this blend at your local Dunkin, try Sunrise blend and see how it tastes for yourself.

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