The Top 4 Trader Joe Coffee Reviews

The Top 4 Trader Joe Coffee Reviews

With more than 500 stores across America, Trader Joe’s is a household name.

They are known for being grocery stores and reliable sources of all kinds of goods. They’ve also won multiple awards for being a well-rounded supermarket.

Regarding customer service, they’re no slouch and are considered one of the most ethical companies in the US.

Trader Joe’s offers a wide selection of coffee from around the world. For this article, we tried all the options we could get into our caffeinated hands.

Here we’ve compiled the top 4 Trader Joe’s coffee reviews for you.

BrandCoffee TypeRoast Type
#1. Organic Columbian CoffeeKeurig cupsMedium
#2. Medium Roast Ground CoffeeGround CoffeeMedium
#3. Dark Roast CoffeeGround CoffeeDark
#4. Breakfast Blend

Whole BeanMedium

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Guide
  2. FAQs
  3. Trader Joe’s Organic Columbian Coffee
  4. Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  5. Trader Joe Joe’s Dark Roast Coffee
  6. Trader Joe’s Organic Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee
  7. Final Word

Quick Guide

Short on time? Based on the principal characteristics of each coffee blend we tried, we streamlined this guide to help you choose which coffee option will jive with your taste buds.

Best Overall: Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee

“I’ve shopped at Trader Joe’s but haven’t bought their gourmet coffee. This blend is delightful, robust yet smooth.”

Best Splurge: Trader Joe’s Organic Columbian Coffee

“My new favorite Keurig coffee. A much higher quality cup of coffee than typical k cups.

Best in Flavor: Trader Joe’s Joe’s Dark Roast Coffee

“I have used this coffee for several years, and it is my right strength.”

Best Budget: Trader Joe’s Organic Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

“Love this coffee! Trader Joe’s has amazing products, and this is no exception! Great flavor!”


Before choosing the right blend and roast of coffee for yourself, some questions can help you narrow down the best option.

Question: How does the roast of a coffee change its flavor?

Answer: Roasting is heating the coffee to give us the beans we all know and love, especially in the morning. In the roasting process, the coffee loses much of its water content. The longer you roast the beans, the darker they get and the more they lose their caffeine content.

Question: Which coffee should I buy if I want a high caffeine content?

Answer: If a jolt of energy from caffeine is what you’re looking for, you should go for a light roast. Lightly roasted beans are denser and retain their caffeine content, minerals, and nutrients, giving them more strength than blends roasted for longer.

Question: Which coffee should I buy if I’m more interested in a richer flavor?

Answer: If a caffeine buzz is not at the top of your list of what you’re looking for from coffee and you’re curious to enjoy deeper flavors, you should opt for a dark roast. Dark roasted beans have a subtly burnt taste, which does not make them the right choice for beginners at coffee drinking.

Question: Between Arabica and Robusta, which blend should I choose?

Answer: This can be tricky, as both blends come with their share of pros and cons. While Arabica is much more popular than Robusta due to its sweeter and fruity taste, Robusta is cheaper and has higher caffeine content. If you are new to coffee and are experimenting with blends, we suggest checking out Arabica.

If you’ve been drinking coffee for a while and are used to the high strength and burst of energy from the caffeine, pick up a Robusta blend.

Question: What the heck is a Keurig cup?

Answer: A Keurig cup or pod is a single-serving pod that makes one cup of coffee when inserted in a proprietary Keurig beverage machine. While this saves time and effort, some claim they do not offer many options like brew and heat strength.

1. Trader Joe’s Organic Columbian Coffee

trader joe coffee reviewsThis coffee from Trader Joe’s comes in a ground bean form and is a 100% true-blue Arabica coffee.

It has a unique cup form that can be used in a Keurig coffee maker and 12 cups per pack. The package comes in 2 batches, so you get 24 servings with this coffee.

The coffee is entirely organic, which means it’s non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

If you prefer your coffee to be slightly sweeter with hints of sugar, fruit, and berries, the Arabica beans used in this coffee might be a good fit for you. The coffee also comes with a high acidity profile for a fuller taste.

This coffee has a medium roast, which gives it a well-rounded flavor profile while keeping the original flavors intact. It also provides the coffee with medium acidity and body.

You need to keep in mind that this product assumes that you own a Keurig coffee maker. Some Amazon customers have claimed that although the coffee is excellent, it’s slightly expensive.

A verified Amazon user says, “Much more flavourful than most instant coffee. However, it does cost a little more.” If your budget allows, give it a whirl.


  • Brand: Trader Joe’s
  • Beans type: 100% Arabica
  • Coffee type: Keurig cups
  • Roast type: Medium
  • Package Dimensions: 8.39 x 6.89 x 4.45 inches
  • Item weight: 1.12 pounds


  • The coffee comes in a medium roast, making it retain the original flavors of the beans.
  • If you prefer Arabica coffee, the 100% blend of this coffee makes it an excellent choice for you.
  • The coffee has a medium acidity and body, which may work for you if you’re not looking for a strong kick.


  • You need a Keurig machine to be able to drink this coffee.
  • Some reviewers suggest that it’s slightly expensive.


2. Trader Joe’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee

trader joe coffee reviewsThis coffee from Trader Joe’s is a medium roast, 100% Arabica, which means it has a rich flavor and a fruity underlay.

This could be an excellent option if you’re not into completely black and extra strong coffee.

The coffee also comes in ground form, so no worries about owning a Keurig coffee maker to make it home.

The package comes in two 14-ounce packs, meaning it will last you for a while.

Because of the medium roast, this coffee can be consumed at any time, whether you want it first thing in the morning or as an after-meal beverage.

A verified Amazon user has a clever hack to make this coffee taste even better.

She claims, “It is not bitter but smooth, and try adding a little nutmeg to the coffee before pouring the hot water.” We’re so on board.


  • Brand: Trader Joe’s
  • Beans type: 100% Arabica
  • Coffee type: Ground coffee
  • Roast type: Medium
  • Package Dimensions: 9.13 x 5.12 x 3.78 inches
  • Item weight: 14 pounds


  • The 100% Arabica composition of the coffee gives it a rich flavor with fruity undertones.
  • The medium roast of the coffee makes sure that it retains a lot of its flavor and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
  • The coffee can be made easily at home using conventional methods instead of a Keurig machine.


  • If you want a darker roast, check out other options.
  • You might have to add some extra ingredients to the coffee to make it taste its best (if you’re into experimenting, this might not be a con!).


3. Trader Joe’s Joe’s Dark Roast Coffee

trader joe coffee reviewsUnlike the two options we covered, this product, Joe’s Coffee, comes in a dark roast, which is excellent for people who prefer extra-strong coffee.

These roasts don’t have much of their original flavor, but it gives them a darker and deeper taste. With a dark roast, you get a low acidity and a heavy body with an oily surface.

The beans used in this coffee are 100% Arabica as well. Like the previous coffees on this list, it will still give you some hints of sweetness despite the dark roast.

The low acidity of darker roasts and the high acidity of Arabica beans make this coffee well-balanced.

However, some reviews suggest it might be more affordable if you have a Trader Joe’s near your house.

A verified Amazon user says, “It’s 1/2 of what others are selling it for, but almost twice the cost at Joe’s. Sadly, I don’t have one nearby, and it’s one of my favorite coffees.”


  • Brand: Trader Joe’s
  • Beans type: 100% Arabica
  • Coffee type: Ground coffee
  • Roast Type: Dark
  • Package Dimensions: 10.35 x 7.36 x 2.6 inches
  • Item weight: 13 ounces


  • Coffee can easily be made in your home without expensive machines.
  • The dark roast of the coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer their coffee to have a deeper flavor.
  • The balance between Arabica beans and the dark roast gives the coffee a decent mix of balanced acidity and body.


  • You might want a medium roast if you’re new to drinking coffee and want something more mellow.
  • Some reviewers have suggested that this coffee is expensive to order.


4. Trader Joe’s Organic Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

trader joe coffee reviewsIf you want to brew the freshest possible cup of coffee, starting with your beans from scratch, this product from Trader Joe’s might be precisely what you’re looking for.

The coffee comes in whole beans instead of being ground or coming in a cup.

If stored properly, you get the soothing morning ritual of grinding your coffee beans and enjoying the most flavorful cup.

Whole-bean coffee is usually more expensive than ground-bean coffee because it makes better coffee.

Because the coffee comes in a whole bean form, you also get durable packaging that won’t get damaged during shipping.

A verified Amazon customer said, “I liked this coffee, and the packaging can take a beating. If you like a rich and earthy coffee, this does not disappoint.”


  • Brand: Trader Joe’s
  • Beans type: 100% Arabica
  • Coffee type: Whole bean coffee
  • Roast type: Medium
  • Package Dimensions: 10.35 x 7.36 x 2.6 inches
  • Item weight: 13 ounces


  • The coffee comes with sweet caramel notes and floral overtones, making it an excellent choice for people who like to take their time and enjoy their coffee.
  • It’s made with a blend of South American beans and comes in a medium roast for a complete flavor profile.
  • The packaging on this coffee is quite durable, making it easy to ship and store.


  • Whole bean coffee must be appropriately stored in an opaque and air-tight container at room temperature, or it might lose its fresh flavor.
  • The coffee is mellow and is meant to be enjoyed mainly for taste.


Final Word on Trader Joe Coffee Reviews

Trader Joe’s brings you a wide variety of groceries as a large-scale supermarket, and their coffees are known to be of high quality and exquisite taste.

Now you can get the coffees you need at home if you’re not lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s.

This article outlines the four best Trader Joe’s coffee reviews and suggests the best option for you according to your specific requirements.

If you’re a caffeine junkie who loves all things coffee (like this guide to best light roast coffee brands for 2021), mosey on to check out our other articles!

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