Ripafratta Coffee Review

Ripafratta Coffee Review: Our Verdict

Ripafratta is a K-cup brand that stands out thanks to its selection of classic flavor profiles and dedication to sourcing Fair Trade coffee beans.

Read more about this coffee brand and its product line in our Ripafratta coffee review.

About Ripafratta


Ripafratta is one of the coffee brands owned by Trilliant Food and Nutrition. This company has been offering coffee and other beverage products since 1979.

Thanks to its extensive network of suppliers in 25 countries, Trilliant Food and Nutrition can import high-quality coffee beans.

This company has a Fair Trade certification and only works with Fair Trade USA producers.

This sourcing model guarantees a minimum price for producers and promotes safe working practices. Fair Trade USA also has a fund that it uses to support communities in areas that produce coffee.

Trilliant Food and Nutrition also has a Rainforest certification, which means it sources coffee beans from producers who don’t contribute to deforestation.

These certifications make Ripafratta an excellent option for consumers who care about the planet. The brand also ensures quality by producing its products in an SQF Level 3 facility.

This certification from the Safe Quality Food program means that the manufacturer monitors product safety and quality at all stages of the production process.

The Ripafratta Product Line

The Ripafratta product selection includes five coffee blends and a decaf product. These products are available in the K-cup format; the most common size is the 80-count box.

These cups work in any Keurig coffee machine, but Ripafratta isn’t an official Keurig brand. If you’ve tested third-party K-cups in the past, you know that some budget brands use too thick plastic.

This poor design can result in hot water overflowing if the coffee machine can’t perforate the bottom of the cup.

We’re happy to report that this issue doesn’t exist with Ripafratta K-cups. The brand uses an indentation with dimples that guide the needle and help with perforation.

The 80-count boxes are the easiest to find. Purchasing these large boxes is a good value, but other K-cup brands have more variety with 12, 24, or 48-count boxes.

The 12-count boxes are ideal for trying new flavors, but Ripafratta doesn’t offer this option.

We also regret the lack of a variety pack. With five different blends available, Ripafratta could offer a box with a mix of light, medium, and dark roasts.

Arabica Beans

Ripafratta offers a versatile product line mix of light, medium, and dark roasts. However, all the coffee blends use Arabica beans.

Arabica beans make up about 60% of the world’s coffee production. The remaining 40% are Robusta beans.

Arabica coffee beans have a smooth, sweet, and rich flavor profile. They can also feel acidic or chocolatey. Robusta beans have brighter notes and an almost herbal taste.

Robusta beans tend to have higher caffeine content. While high-quality Robusta beans exist, Robusta coffee is often a budget option since it’s cheaper to grow.

Focusing on Arabica beans makes it easier for Ripafratta to source quality beans for every batch.

Ripafratta Coffee Blends

You can enjoy these classic coffee blends alone, but Ripafratta coffee is also ideal for crafting lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and more.

Light Roast

Ripafratta offers a smooth and aromatic light roast with its Morning Blend. This coffee is slightly acidic and tastes just like you would expect your morning coffee to.

It’s a classic but comforting choice.

Medium Roasts

Ripafratta offers three medium roasts.

Kona Blend

The Kona Blend is a product that stands out in the Ripafratta lineup. Kona coffee comes from the Kona region in Hawaii and grows in volcanic soil.

This soil is rich in nutrients and provides excellent drainage. Combined with the warm and humid climate, it’s the perfect environment to produce rich and sweet coffee with hints of chocolate and floral aromas.

100% Columbian

The 100% Columbian medium roast uses beans sourced from Columbia. It feels mild and well-balanced, with a slightly acidic aftertaste.

However, since Ripafratta sources coffee beans from small producers, the taste may vary from one batch to another.

Columbia is the third largest exporter of coffee, and even though most coffee grows in the central region, elevation can affect taste and acidity.

Donut Shop Blend

Ripafratta’s Donut Shop blend is a timeless classic. With its mild and smooth aroma, this coffee is perfect for enjoying a sweet treat.

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee blends go through a longer roasting process, which can lower the caffeine content and bring out a toasty or chocolatey flavor.

Ripafratta offers a smooth and full-bodied dark roast coffee with its Premium Dark blend. It’s a rich beverage with a buttery quality.


The Decaf Breakfast Blend has a bright taste and comforting flavor. Ripafratta coffee reviews are incredibly positive for this quality decaf blend, but there is no information on removing the caffeine content.

Pros of Ripafratta Coffee

Ripafratta is a quality coffee brand, and we think it’s worth trying for the following reasons:

  • The brand sources coffee beans from small producers who use sustainable practices
  • The product lineup includes timeless flavor profiles that everyone will love
  • The Kona blend truly standout and is an excellent example of how volcanic soil can enhance the flavor of a cup of coffee
  • With light, medium, dark, and decaf roasts, there is something for everyone
  • Ripafratta coffee reviews are excellent on all the products offered by the brand
  • The brand provides quality K-cups that won’t make a mess in your Keurig machine

Are There Any Downsides To Trying Ripafratta Coffee?

We can’t think of a reason to avoid this brand, but there are a few things we regret:

  • The 80-count boxes aren’t ideal if you want to test a new flavor
  • Ripafratta coffee isn’t easy to find in stores
  • The brand doesn’t offer any flavored blends


With its classic blends, Ripafratta is an excellent choice for any coffee lover. The Kona blend remains a standout product since not every K-cup brand offers coffee that grows in volcanic soil.

Another positive point is the brand’s dedication to quality when it comes to sourcing Fair Trade coffee or offering a functional K-cup design.

We regret that Ripafratta coffee isn’t easier to find in stores, but we highly recommend ordering it online so you can discover the delicious coffee blends this brand offers!

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