How To Use K-Cups Without a Keurig

How To Use K-Cups Without a Keurig?

If you’re a coffee lover of the world of that beautiful bean beverage, you’ve probably heard of K-Cups. Also called coffee pods, these containers are the way you add coffee to a Keurig or other automatic coffee machine.

But here’s the never-ending question: what are you supposed to do when you have your favorite K-cups but no Keurig?

Is it possible to use coffee pods without their complementary machine? The good news, dear reader, is that it is possible.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about navigating out of this sticky situation–and you might even want to use Keurig k-cups without a Keurig for the first time.

How Can You Use K-cups Without a Keurig Machine?

Did you receive a boatload of K-cups as an unwanted gift? Maybe you inherited them from an eccentric, coffee-pod-loving relative?

Did your Keurig machine die on you? Not to worry. You can still use K-cups without a Keurig coffee maker.

What Are K-cups?

First, a history lesson is in order. K-Cups are just the most popular name for single-use coffee containers and coffee pods.

These pods are discrete containers that hold enough ground coffee beans to make coffee for one person.

Single-use coffee containers first hit the global market in 1986, when the Swiss company Nestle created Nespresso–a portable espresso machine.

Then, in 1990, pods entered the world of American coffee when Green Mountain Coffee Roasters founded Keurig, the brand we know and love today.

Now, you might be asking: why use K-Cups to make coffee? Well, there are a few advantages. First, for some, the system is more convenient.

Since it has an inbuilt filter, a Keurig machine can be simpler than making coffee in a drip or French press coffee maker because you don’t have to measure the beans or the water.

But there are also advantages for coffee experts: pods are incredibly efficient ways of keeping ground coffee fresh.

See, coffee degrades in quality when it is exposed to light or air, which means that when you buy coffee in bulk (whether in a ten-ounce bag or a one-pound sack), the bottom of the bag will taste worse.

But by storing ground coffee in airtight, single-use pods, the grounds remain fresh until water runs through them.

Translation: a better-tasting coffee cup of joe. 

Open the Seal

The long and short of it is that you can extract the ground beans from a coffee pod by removing its seal.

In the case of K-cups, this is relatively easy. Keurig’s proprietary design features a die-cut aluminum foil lid, and a little extra material often dangles over the side.

To open the lid, use your fingernail to grab this excess aluminum and peel the cup open.

Alternatively, you can use scissors or a sharp knife to make an incision in the aluminum, then peel it away by hand. Being gentle is key–one wrong move, and you’ll have coffee flying everywhere.

For the same reason, please don’t cut the plastic cup itself. For one thing, doing so can create sharp tears that can scrape your hands.

On top of that, the toughness of plastic means that you’ll be less precise, creating a higher risk of spills.

Transfer the Coffee

Once you have opened the coffee pod, the next step is to use the coffee grounds based on the brewing process of your choice.

Keurig coffee comes in a medium or medium-fine grain, which makes it ideal for the pour-over method or drip coffee.

If you choose to drip your coffee, you’ll need a drip machine like a Mr. Coffee and a coffee filter (these can either be a disposable paper filter or a reusable filter).

Add the coffee and cold water to the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then begin brewing the coffee. You’ll have a piping hot cup of coffee in a few minutes!

If you prefer pour-over coffee, you’ll need coffee filters and a pour-over device to suspend the filter over your cup.

As before, add the coffee to the filter, then place the filter in the device. Next, make some boiling water, then pour it over the coffee grinds.

Do so in short bursts to prevent the machine from overflowing.

If you’re uncertain how much water you should add, one standard ratio is to use six ounces for every two tablespoons of coffee.

However, people who prefer a more potent brew might find that their cup tastes better using less water.

Your preferred coffee mixture might require more than one K-cup, as each usually contains about half a tablespoon of coffee.

Why It Might Be Good To Use K-cups Without a Keurig

As mentioned, coffee lovers might want to use K-cups without a Keurig. Coffee pods keep ground beans fresh, making for a better-tasting cup of coffee.

The added benefit is cost. Since each K-Cup coffee pod contains .3 ounces of coffee and a bulk package of 96 K-cups costs $72.95, that’s about 57 cents per ounce.

On the other hand, a 43.5-ounce container of Folgers coffee costs about $1.97 per ounce. This means your favorite K-Cup might be cheaper than different ground coffees.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using K-cups without a Keurig machine.

Can you use K-cups as instant coffee?

K-cups do not work as instant coffee. A K-cup contains ground coffee beans. Ground coffee beans will not dissolve in hot water like instant coffee.

If you attempt to make instant coffee using the grounds inside a K-cup, you will get a cup of weak coffee.

Are K-cups stronger than regular coffee?

Usually, K-cups are weaker than a traditional cup of coffee. Therefore, the amount of coffee in a K-cup tends to be less than what most coffee drinkers would choose to use.

For this reason, people who like a strong cup of coffee often drink two cups when it is brewed with a K-cup.

Do you open K-cups before brewing?

If you use a Keurig machine, you do not open Keurig pods before brewing your coffee.

However, if you use the coffee grounds inside a K-cup to brew coffee the traditional style, you’ll have to open up the cup.

Final Thoughts

While having K-cups and no Keurig machine may seem a big annoyance, you can easily use the coffee grounds inside K-cups to make delicious coffee with hot water and filter paper.

Although it takes an extra step, you can control the strength of your coffee using this method and may end up with a tastier beverage than you would when using the Keurig machine.

So if you don’t have the machine but must have your morning coffee, you’ll still be able to do so without issue.

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