Does Subway Have Coffee

Does Subway Have Coffee?

Yes, Subway does indeed have coffee at most of its locations. Unfortunately, they’re pretty limited on options, but it can do the trick if you’re in a bind.

There’s also the newly opened Subway Café, which we’ll cover briefly.

What Kind of Coffee Does Subway Have?

As stated in the previous segment, Subway doesn’t have a large variety of coffee, as they only serve hot coffee. So if you’re looking for an iced latte or a macchiato, you must go elsewhere.

Is Subway Coffee Good?

The consensus is that Subway coffee isn’t all that good. It tastes low-quality and seems to inherit the flavor of the cups it’s served in.

Additionally, they’re made from Keurig coffee machines and k-cups, which many already have at home.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’re picky about your coffee, you should avoid Subway. It’s not their forte, and it shows.

If you’re in a bind and need a caffeine boost, you can overload it with cream and sugar; otherwise, you should stick to other chains.

How Much Does Subway Coffee Cost?

Subway coffee comes in two different sizes – medium and large.

As of 2023, the cost for a medium is roughly $1.70, while the large will run you $2.00 flat.

Of course, these numbers may change depending on the location and taxes, but you should expect to pay around these prices for a cup of Subway coffee.

For reference, a Mcdonald’s medium coffee costs $1.29, making Subway the more expensive option.

What Is the Subway Café?

The Subway Café is a reasonably new sister chain of the Subway franchise. The first location was opened in Virginia back in 2011 with underwhelming reception.

According to various claims online, the number of Subway Cafés is dwindling, and the project has been unsuccessful overall.

There are still a couple of these elusive coffee shops nationwide, though online reviews indicate it’s not worth taking a trip if you’re nowhere near one.

One of the primary reasons the project was so unsuccessful was that many people found the coffee was “bad” and not worth the long lines.

Since then, Subway has strayed away from competing with famous cafés like Starbucks and Dunkin and is currently focusing on selling sandwiches.

What Does the Subway Café Sell?

In addition to coffee, the chain offers numerous premium coffee variations, such as cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, mochas, and espressos.

The café also sells baked goods, chai teas, hot cocoa, and sandwiches.

Recent online reviews indicate that Subway Café’s coffee may have improved over the years, but no solid evidence states the chain has modified its recipe.

What’s the Difference Between Subway Café and Subway?

First, Subway Café focuses on a more comforting, confined atmosphere.

They offer a wider variety of baked goods, specialty drinks, and the same sandwiches as a regular subway – though there’s often a long wait for these locations.

On the other hand, Subway is much more widely available and accessible to the general population.

Sources indicate that there were over 21,000 locations in the US alone as of 2021, and it is constantly on the rise.

As for Subway Cafés, only an estimated 20 locations existed (most likely much less in 2023 since this project has seemingly been abandoned).

What Other Drinks Can You Get at Subway?

Since you’re most likely nowhere near a Subway Café, you’ll have to make do with what the main restaurants offer regarding drinks.

In addition to hot coffee, Subway offers fountain sodas, bottled drinks (soda, water, Gatorade), and orange juice.

Depending on your location, they also have milk and juice boxes for children and possibly other options.

Overall, it’s standard for the typical sandwich shop as it focuses on making sandwiches, not drinks.


Do you still have questions about what’s offered at Subway? Here are a few commonly asked questions around the web:

Does Subway Sell Hot Tea?

Nope, Subway doesn’t sell hot tea. Some locations may have bottled iced tea, but that’s the best you’ll get. Furthermore, they also do not sell hot cocoa or any other hot drinks, for that matter.

Is Subway Coffee Unlimited Refills?

No, Subway coffee does not come with unlimited refills. Like bottled drinks, you would have to purchase another cup if you wanted more. Their fountain drinks, however, ARE unlimited refills.

Does Subway Offer Flavors for Their Coffee?

No, Subway doesn’t have any flavorings or toppings for their coffee. You’ll likely only have access to milk, cream, sugar, and select sweeteners.

Final Thoughts: Does Subway Sell Coffee, and Is It Worth It?

Yes, Subway does sell coffee, but only in two sizes, and it only comes hot. Otherwise, you’d have to go to a Subway Café, which has been discontinued for the most part.

Of course, the consensus for both the sister location and the original is that the coffee is terrible and not worth waiting for, so you’re better off not getting their coffee unless you have to.

In conclusion, stick to the footlongs and cookies, and try to get your caffeine fix elsewhere if you can.

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