Does Coffee Creamer Have Gluten

Does Coffee Creamer Have Gluten?

If you have celiac disease or are trying to be gluten-free, you might have noticed that gluten seems to sneak everywhere.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just limited to food – gluten can also be found in drinks and additives. Does coffee creamer have gluten, or is pouring a morning cup of coffee safe?

Most coffee creamers don’t have gluten, but some brands use small amounts or may be cross-contaminated.

Powder coffee creamer is more likely to have gluten than liquid coffee creamer, but checking the label before buying a new coffee creamer is crucial.

If you’re unsure about what coffee creamers contain gluten and which don’t, here is a guide on gluten in coffee creamer.

We will discuss which brands are gluten-free, why some coffee creamers have gluten, and how to tell whether a coffee creamer is gluten-free.

Does Coffee Creamer Have Gluten?

Of course, the answer depends on the brand of coffee creamer. If you want to drink your favorite brand of coffee creamer, you’ll have to check for gluten in the ingredients.

While most are cream-based, even non-dairy coffee creamers have trace amounts of gluten to keep the liquid together.

Whole milk, cream, and other traditional dairy creamers don’t usually have gluten, but a coffee or flavored creamer might have some added ingredients. Some brands use gluten, and some do not.

Because regular coffee creamers usually don’t contain milk, they have added ingredients to keep the flavor and consistency of a milk-based creamer.

A trace amount of flour or other gluten might be necessary for the texture. It’s not much gluten, but any amount is enough to trigger an adverse reaction if you are sensitive.

Why Do Some Coffee Creamers Have Gluten?

Like all products, some creamers contain gluten to hold ingredients together.

Gluten is crucial in baking and works the same way in other processed or preserved foods.

Because many coffee creamers are shelf-stable, they need a binder to keep the other ingredients from separating during storage.

Unfortunately for gluten-free coffee lovers, this is often gluten. While some include corn starch or another gluten-free binder, gluten is the cheapest and most accessible.

Therefore, many brands use a bit of flour or another grain containing gluten to hold their ingredients together.

However, as more people go gluten-free and Celiac disease is gaining more public awareness, many brands choose different binders for creamers and other products.

You can always look for a gluten-free option processed on non-contaminated equipment.

Is Coffee Creamer Celiac-Safe?

Even if a coffee creamer is gluten-free, it might not be celiac-safe. While many coffee creamers don’t have gluten in the ingredient list, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are celiac-safe.

If you have Celiac disease, you know that even cross-contamination of gluten can leave you feeling ill for several days.

When in doubt, avoid a creamer that doesn’t have an explicit “celiac-safe” or gluten-free label.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially regarding gluten. If you’re unsure about the creamer you own now, get a different brand or skip creamer when it comes to coffee.

Does Liquid or Powder Coffee Creamer Have More Gluten?

There are two main types of creamer – liquid and powder creamer. Mostly, they are made of the same ingredients, but powder creamer is dehydrated.

Depending on the brand, both can have gluten. However, liquid coffee creamer is less likely to have gluten because of the hydration process and the added ingredients to preserve freshness.

If a brand has both liquid and powder coffee creamer, they are likely to have very similar ingredients.

A liquid and powder creamer from the same brand will either have gluten or both be gluten-free. As always, checking the labels before purchasing a coffee creamer is crucial.

How Can You Tell Which Coffee Creamer Brands Are Gluten-Free?

Before you purchase a coffee creamer, you should check that the brand is certified gluten-free. In America, there are a few different labels that offer this reassurance.

The first is a butterfly logo from, which denotes that the product has been tested and is celiac-friendly.

The other label is a light green label with a crossed-out stalk of wheat.

Beyond Celiac provides this label, meaning that the product has been thoroughly tested for cross-contamination. You are probably safe if you see either of these stickers on a product.

However, you should always check the back for a cross-contamination warning.

Usually, this says, “this product was made in a facility that also produces gluten.” If that’s the case, it might not be safe.

Are There Gluten-Free Creamer Alternatives?

It might be healthier to drink your coffee black, but it isn’t tastier if you are used to cream and sugar.

You can use some gluten-free creamer alternatives to avoid the hassle of finding a gluten-free creamer at the store.

You can make your creamer or use a safe alternative to avoid gluten altogether.

Milk doesn’t contain gluten and, unless processed in a strange place, won’t pose a problem for cross-contamination.

If you choose to make your creamer, it can involve a cream base, flavoring, and sweetener. Dairy and non-dairy creamers are easy to make at home with the right recipe.

They also store well in the refrigerator. You can even make powdered creamer with dehydrated milk and sugar. However, that is a more complicated process.

You can always use milk, cream, or half-and-half to sweeten your coffee if you’d rather.

If dairy-free, almond, coconut, and soy milk are almost always certified gluten-free and can be safer than a traditional coffee creamer.

Add some sugar and flavorings to your cup for an individualized coffee experience.

Final Thoughts

Although most coffee creamers are gluten-free, you should always check the labels of your coffee creamers.

Even gluten-free coffee creamers might not be celiac-friendly if made in a factory that includes gluten.

Once you find an excellent gluten-free coffee creamer, you can use it freely in your coffee and enjoy it!

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