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107 Best Coffee Dog Names (2023)

107 Names for Your Pup that Go Great with a Cup of Coffee!            

Are you looking for the perfect name to fit your new pup? You could use a run-of-the-mill name like Spot or Rover, but why?

Pour yourself a hot one while we examine 107 coffee-inspired dog names!

Dessert Coffee Names

These sweet names are sure to be a perfect fit for your pet—dessert names double well as terms of endearment.

Just consider Sugar, Sweetie, Pumpkin, and Honey for your new fur baby, which also sounds perfect for our southern farm girls!

You’ll call her a pet name anyway, so why not make it official?

1)  Sugar

2)  Sweetie

3)  Pumpkin

4)  Cocoa

5)  Cookie

6)  Caramel

7)  Snickers

8)  Truffles

9)  Muffins

10)  Dolce

11)  BonBon

12)  Brownie

13)  Choco

14)  Honey

Add a title like Mr. or Ms. to any of these names to fancy them up. Mr. Muffins, anyone? Ms. Bonbon? Do we have a Sir Snickers in the house? Titled names like “King,” “Judge,” and “Duke” can be tons of fun.

Does your new dog or puppy have a colorful coat mimicking a delicious treat? Try Cookie, Brownie, Choco, or Cocoa. These are great fits for dogs from shades of brown or multiple colors, like Beagles and Collies.

Not much of a sweet tooth? We have eighty-seven names to go!

Fruit and Spice for Dogs

Fruity names are cute and straightforward. Does the more delicious side of nature inspire your favorite coffee beverages?

So are these dog names! Berry would be ideal for your handsome new puppy boy, while Peaches and Apple would work great for your glamorous girl.

Spicer is ruggedly handsome, while Cinnamon and Vanilla almost made the dessert list!

15)  Apple

16)  Berry

17)  Spicer

18)  Cinnamon

19)  Vanilla

20)  Peaches

Do you have another favorite fruity drink you like to order? It could make a nice name for your pup!

Nutty and Herbal Dog Names

Chai, Hibiscus, Herb, and Matches are refined, while Willow and Hazel sound wild and free. On the contrary, Almond and Clover are soft and docile for the calming critter in your life.

21)  Almond

22)  Willow

23)  Herb

24)  Hazel

25)  Hibiscus

26)  Chai

27)  Clover

28)  Matcha

Good Boys

Some of these names would work fine on a gal, but we love these names for the firm, gallant, furry boys! While some like Earl, Buck, and Maxwell are reminiscent of people’s names (because dogs are people, too!), others like Ristretto, Keurig, and Folgers are unique.

29)  Traveler

30)  Earl

31)  Royal

32)  Frappe

33)  Ristretto

34)  Tripp

35)  Pike

36)  Buck

37)  Maxwell

38)  Nitro

39)  Folgers

40)  Keurig

If you ever liked the classic “Sparky,” maybe you’d like to name your pup Nitro or Pike. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with one of these great names based on your favorite coffee drinks!

Imported Names

Coffee has to come from somewhere! If you’re a fan of Irish Cream, Brazilian Roast, or any other exotic brews on the Starbucks menu, or if your new doggo seems well-traveled, perhaps you’d like one of these global names.

41)  Ireland

42)  Greek

43)  Papua

44)  Cuban

45)  Turk

46)  Port

47)  Yukon

48)  Jamaica

49)  Brazil

Papua pulls double duty if your smart pup reminds you of a little older man! Jamaica can be followed by various middle names for a fun twist, like “Jamaica Me Crazy.” It’s corny but cute.

Good Girls

All doggies are good doggies, and all pups are good! Some of these, like Bunn and Majesty, could go either way, but many make pretty puppy names for girls. Try something fun like Delight or Kahlua, or something simpler like Star or K (middle name Cup!)

Perhaps a lacy name suits her, like Valencia, Vienna, or Bianco, or maybe something original like Ulya or Loja.

50)  Valencia

51)  Kahlua

52)  Kamora

53)  Jade

54)  Majesty

55)  Vienna

56)  Breve

57)  Veranda

58)  Bianco

59)  Barista

60)  Star

61)  K

62)  Ulya

63)  Loja

64)  Delight

65)  Bunn

Did you know that Loja is grown high in the mountains? If you have a mountain breed like a Mountain Cur, St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, or Tibetan Mastiff, she might appreciate the nod to her origins.

Colorful Coffee Names for Your Pup

Blue eyes? Blonde hair? Pick a color name straight off the coffee house menu! Your Labrador Retriever may come in shades of brown and gold, while an Australian Shepard or Alaskan Malamute may sport icy peepers.

66)  Blue

67)  Blondie

68)  Grey

69)  Brown

70)  Goldie

Some varieties of bully breeds and Weimaraners come in beautiful, grey, ghost-colored, almost blue, and even deep grey hues—many of the names of our dessert coffee list double as good names for colorful pets. Cinnamon for reddish dogs, for example, and Honey for a soft yellow pup.

Humorous Coffee Names for Funny Dogs

Liqueur? Get it? “Lick or jump.” “Lick or scratch.” Whether you want a play on your dog’s energetic behavior, dopey smile, or extreme size, we’ve got funny names ready.

71)  Liqueur

72)  Grande

73)  Venti

74)  Doppio

75)  Puppacino

76)  Trenta

77)  Beans

78)  Rob

79)  Cuppa Joe

Some sound much like human names (which can be hilarious), while others like “Puppaccino” are just plain funny.

Cuppa Joe rolls off the tongue as a rare and adorable double name for your male dog, while Doppio is excellent for your goofy pup.

Are you getting a large dog? Venti is the word! Extra-large like a Mastiff or Great Dane? Starbucks introduced an even bigger size, the Trenta!

Bonus! If you’re feeling a tad religious or just like a good play on words, there are always Hebrews.

Completely Coffee

These are highly coffee-inspired names, perfect for your coffee companion. If you plan on sipping a cup of coffee with your four-legged pal, these names may be for you.

“Why Coffee?” you ask. Coffee is a comfort, and for many, it is a necessity. Naming your dog after coffee may be strange to some, but aren’t our furry friends our comfort when you think about it? Aren’t they a necessity?

80)  Au Lait

81)  Latte

82)  Lungo

83)  Kopi

84)  Nescafé

85)  Panna

86)  Café

87)  Mocha

88)  Java

89)  Kaldi

90)  Cortado

91)  Espresso

92)  Americano

93)  Cappuccino

94) Cappuccino

95) Mélange

Admittedly, Cappuccino is very close to Pupaccino, but both hold incredible merit as funny pet names in the coffee fan realm. Others like Java, Mocha, and Mélange are old classics.

You probably noticed that Mélange is a French word. In English, it translates to “a mixture.” If you have a dog descended from multiple breeds, it might be the perfect name!

If you have a high-maintenance pet who enjoys glitz and glamor, the ever-expensive Kopi may be fitting. Just don’t tell anyone where you got it.

As lovely as it is for a dog name, Kopi coffee is partially digested by the Asian Palm Civet fermenting the beans. Sorry. You didn’t ask, but we couldn’t quite keep that one to ourselves. Maybe Kopi, maybe not.

Almost Tough

Are you bringing home a typically tough breed like a Rottweiler, German Shepard, or Bull Terrier? Skip the worn-out names, like Buster and Bruiser, and go for a more creative coffee shop name like Brewer or Creamer.

96)  Brewer

97)  Creamer

Smart Coffee

Your new baby is brilliant; you can see it in his eyes! Consider one of these names for your curious, intelligent explorer. These names are lovely for the quiet, studious types and the energetic, fast learners.

98)  Galeo

99)  Monk

100)  Seville

107)  Taste

102)  Kona

103)  Chocolate

104)  Poodle

105)  Caffe

106)  Chip

107)  Spain

Make it a Double

So many of our coffee house names go well together. If you are bringing home a pair, you might consider the following for siblings.

  • Venti and Grande
  • Cinnamon and Spicer
  • Choco and Vanilla
  • Earl and Grey
  • Star and Buck
  • Hazel and Hibiscus
  • Folgers and Maxwell
  • Bunn and Keurig

Pick a pair you like, then sit back and see if your friends and family figure out the correlation.

We hope you enjoyed this extensive list of awesome coffee-inspired pet names. Nothing makes the heart feel more roasty and toasty than a warm, furry friend! Both pets and coffee do a body good.

We wish you the best of luck in naming your new best friend for life!

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