The 5 Best Caribou Coffee Reviews 

The 5 Best Caribou Coffee Reviews 

Their brand tagline marks Caribou Coffee, “Life is short; stay awake for it.”

The company offers superior quality coffee, whether a regular or seasonal roast.

Caribou brews fresh coffee every hour, so customers get a new brew each time. You can find other breakfast options at Caribou, including tea and snacks. 

The company opened its doors in 1992 as a small shop in Edina, Minnesota. Most of their primary coffee flavors developed during their small shop days.

They expanded their base beyond regular coffee to other unique coffees. 

The company is in the perfect position and size to acquire unique coffee beans. The customer base is just the right size, so the demand doesn’t exceed the unique coffee offerings.

Alongside their specially cultivated coffee, the company is dedicated to conserving rainforests. 

1. Caribou Coffee Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Flavored Coffee

caribou coffee reviewsThe Caribou single-serve K-Cup pods produce 6 ounces of profoundly dark coffee. Every cup sip evokes a crisp yet delicate taste of dark chocolate and walnut.

There is a herbal aroma that smells like fennel.

The K-cup pod produces a subdued acidic sharpness in the mouth and a smooth, syrupy body. The aftertaste contains hints of chocolate and walnut that barely survive in an earthy finish. 

This cup is compatible with Keurig single-serve brewing machines

Product Features

  • Caribou Coffee is the second largest coffee roast retail chain after Starbucks.
  • It has a classic earthy aroma
  • Coffee roast profile – Dark roast
  • Caffeinated
  • Certified a kosher product by the Orthodox Union
  • It is compatible with single-serve coffee makers by Keurig K-Cup pod brewing machines.
  • Has a Rainforest Alliance certification


  • The K-cups make accurate replication of your favorite coffee house flavors at home.
  • Reindeer blend is a quick and easy brew on a Keurig
  • It is sustainably produced from planting to packaging


  • It only brews on Keurig and Keurig-compatible capsules
  • It has no fruity or sweet flavors 


The Caribou single-serve K-cup pod is for Keurig brewing machine owners.

The blend is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This means that producing the ingredients of the coffee blend obeyed sustainability criteria. The sustainability guidelines protect the ecological and socio-economic welfare of the community in the cultivation areas. 

2. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Ground Medium Roast 

caribou coffee reviewsCaribou coffee medium roast has a distinct complex layer of flavors. The taste can be attributed to the Indonesian coffee bean.

The flavor you can detect on the brew includes woodsy and spicy notes that balance with a sharp, acidic, and fruity tang. These flavors are characteristic of both central and South American coffee varieties.

The Caribou medium roast ground blend feels full-bodied on the tongue. It exhibits a syrupy flavor followed by a brisk termination of a bittersweet chocolate taste. 

The medium roast blend is a leisurely drink that brings out berry notes and sweet and spicy flavors.

Product Features

  • A complex balance of flavors between fruity, sugary, and spicy notes
  • The finishing tastes like dark chocolate with a woody note of cedar
  • Coffee roast profile: Medium roast
  • The duration of roast produces a thick and pronounced body flavor
  • Made with Arabica beans
  • Certified by the Rainforest Alliance
  • The coffee is pre-ground


  • It is the right flavor for a bold coffee yet not overpowering
  • Reasonable price for this quality of coffee
  • The bitter aftertaste in several coffees is a nuisance. This blend does not have that problem.


  • Buyers complained of how hard it is to find this blend in stores
  • Dark roast drinkers feel that it is a watered-down version


What we love about this bag is that it takes the familiar coffeehouse experience back home with you. 

3. Caribou Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut Dreamstate Ground Coffee

caribou coffee reviewsThe Caribou Vanilla Hazelnut ground coffee flavor is a medium roast blend made with Arabica beans.

You can expect another balancing act of sweet and acidic tastes. The blend has a moderate amount of everything; body, balance, acidity, and a creamy finish. 

The natural flavors from the moderate roast are further enhanced by vanilla and toasted hazelnut. These two additions add a sweet and creamy element to this coffee blend

This coffee can be leisurely enjoyed, plain as it is, or further sweetened with syrup and cream to create a distinctive beverage.

Have the coffee cold over ice to refresh on a hot day. It is a drink for any time of the day. 

Product Features

  • The coffee is pre-packaged into six pieces of measured ground coffee for convenience.
  • Each packet weighs 2.5 ounces and is optimized to brew a coffee yield of 64 ounces. 
  • The flavor remains consistent with each packet since the measurements are precisely similar.
  • Caribou coffee consistently uses certified Rainforest Alliance coffee beans. The products are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. 
  • The deliciousness of vanilla and hazelnut flavors cannot be understated
  • Made from pure Arabica coffee
  • The roasting process uses the small-batch roasting method
  • Coffee roast profile: medium roast
  • Compatible with coffee K-Cups pods for Keurig brew
  • Vanilla hazelnut coffee is a certified kosher product
  • Certified by the Rainforest Alliance


  • It has a bold layering of sweet flavors
  • A perfect blend for making creamy and cold coffee
  • Reasonable price


  • Even caribou coffee often runs out of this blend unless you order it online.


The caribou vanilla and hazelnut flavor eliminate all the prep work and the imprecision of measuring the exact amount of coffee each time. 

For his reason, it makes an excellent addition to establishments such as churches, waiting rooms, offices, or lobbies. 

Any personnel member can brew a delicious pot within a short time. 

4. Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend K-Cups

caribou coffee reviewsAs the name suggests, this is a decent cup of brew to wake up to. It is also a great afternoon drink or whenever you feel like it. 

A tangy citrus fruit and floral notes combination has the effect of rousting the senses. The coffee is a multi-region blend of the Americas and Ethiopia, which explains the flavors. 

Daybreak roast lies between light and medium roast profiles. The beans are a lovely hue of chocolate brown.

The degree of roast thankfully enhances the sweet flavor. It also brings about a subtle nutty finish. 

When you sip this coffee, you will immediately taste the sweet note, followed by a fruity flavor and finishing with a nutty aftertaste. 

Because of the light roast, the coffee flavor does not include any additives; it is all-natural. 

Product Features

  • The package contains 96 K-cups
  • The K-cup works excellently on Keurig single-cup brewers
  • The main notes are fruity sweetness with a balance of citrus taste and a floral aroma
  • A nutty and sweet caramel finish flavor thanks to moderate roasting 
  • Roast profile: light-medium
  • Caffeinated
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Rainforest Alliance


  • Compatible with all Keurig K-cup single-cup brewing machines
  • Fruity and floral notes balanced with an acidic taste
  • The light-medium roast perfectly brings out the natural flavors. Not too subdued and has no burnt taste either
  • All-natural product with no artificial flavor additives


  • You have to own a Keurig brewer to enjoy this K-cup
  • Multi-regional coffee blend. If you prefer single-region coffee, this is not the right one for you
  • The acidic taste is noticeable. It is a hit or miss depending on your palate.


The morning blend K-cups feature coffee beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia.

The moderately-light roasting system is the best choice for this unique collection of beans. It draws out all the authentic flavors with no requirement for additives.

5. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pod, Medium Roast Coffee

caribou coffee reviewsThe Caribou blend is authentic Indonesian beans at the heart of the Caribou coffee. 

The taste profile of the coffee is typical of the beans of Central and South America. Fruity notes are coupled with a woody, spicy, sharp, acidic taste. 

Product Features

  • This heavy-bodied coffee trails a syrupy taste and finishes it with a snap of dark chocolate aftertaste.
  • The noticeable primary flavors are spicy, as well as berry notes
  • Caribou single-serve K-Cup pods work well with the Single-Serve Coffee Makers by Keurig. 
  • Every one of the K-cups contains the freshly ground coffee bean
  • Roast Profile: Medium
  • Capacity – 72 k-cups 
  • Rainforest alliance
  • Certified Kosher by the orthodox union


  • The berry notes, spicy, and dark chocolate aftertaste in a competitive flavor. There is no need to use cream.
  • The K-cup packs a lot of caffeine to keep you awake throughout the day
  • It has no acidic tones; therefore, no heartburn
  • A smooth no-jitter coffee blend


  • Little is known about this K-cup blend, judging by the scanty information and lack of reviews on Amazon.


One thing that will stand out with the Caribou single-use pods is how it packs a punch yet do not overwhelm the palate. 

This coffee is for people who do not like dark roasts but still want a rich body, taste, and fragrance. A light roast wouldn’t have the same body, but a caribou medium roast does, and it hits the spot.


The Good About Caribou Coffee

Caribou coffee company can boast of owning a diverse collection of coffees ranging from light to dark roasts. Their selection of light, medium, and dark coffee harvests are from East Africa and Central and South America.

The coffee is transported to the US in an airtight bag reinforced by a paper bag to keep out the light. 

On the information front, Caribou coffee has an active and professional website with many topics about coffee. The information is well organized; thus, you will not feel overwhelmed while browsing through.

Customer relations are available through the website, social media, and phone during business hours.

You have noticed that there is always a Rainforest Alliance certification under the product specifications for each blend of coffee. All caribou coffee products comply with sustainable cultivation methods.

Compliance with conservation guidelines conserves the environment and ensures the well-being of the farmers.

They save water, recycle waste and take care of animal habitats.

If you join the caribou coffee club as a member, many benefits and options are available for grabs. You can join existing clubs or design your club according to your palate. 

When you create your club, you get options unavailable to the public. One such option is to get half-pound bags of coffee.

You might be wondering what is so special about the Caribou coffee club. It offers one option other coffee clubs haven’t caught on to. They allow you to select a tailored grind. 

After choosing your preference, whether whole bean or ground coffee, you can further select a brewing method. The options available include the following:

  • Espresso
  • French press
  • Gold filters
  • Percolator 
  • Paper filter

These options are essential because the grind and choice of brewing machine determine the quality of your coffee. Therefore, having the choice to select how you’d like to brew is extraordinary.

The Bad About Caribou Coffee

A live chat option with a customer care representative is non-existent. You must wait for feedback if you cannot call during business hours. 

Caribou does not roast and then dispatch immediately. They do not publicly specify the roast dates so that customers can schedule a buy date and delivery.

This would ensure that the product is delivered while it is still as fresh as possible.

Final Thoughts

Environmental activists and other nature enthusiasts will love Caribou coffee.

That will be the perfect relationship if they are fans of drinking coffee. This reputable coffee brand makes its products without negatively impacting the environment.

Even though the club has some flaws, they are worth giving a chance to do better or look past!

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