Can You Drink Coffee With Retainers

Can You Drink Coffee With Retainers?

Can you drink coffee with retainers? What are the consequences of drinking coffee while wearing your retainers if not?

I’m a coffee lover. I can’t start my day correctly if I don’t drink a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

When I had to wear retainers after removing the braces, I immediately wondered what I should do about this addiction of mine.

I had to ask my doctor and do some research of my own.

Please keep reading to discover what I discovered about drinking coffee while wearing retainers.

Can I Drink Coffee With Retainers?

No, it’s not recommended to drink coffee while wearing retainers. Retainers are sensitive items, and relatively-inconsequential things can cause adverse effects.

In general, staying away from hot and cold items is recommended.

So what does that leave? Isn’t everything hot or cold? While this information may seem ambiguous, staying away from extreme temperatures is critical.

Furthermore, removing your retainers for meals or drinks is highly recommended.

You shouldn’t need to remove your retainers if you’re drinking water. Other beverages like coffee are a no-go while you have retainers.

Consequences of Drinking Coffee With a Retainer

What happens if you drink coffee while wearing your retainers? Will you require dental attention swiftly?

Thankfully, you aren’t in terrible trouble if you forget to take your retainer out before a sip of coffee.

While you should avoid coffee with your retainer, it won’t cause awful consequences. Here are the main problems with drinking coffee while wearing a retainer.

Stained Teeth

The most dominant issue is that coffee will stain your teeth. Coffee will stain anyone’s teeth regardless of a retainer.

The tannins in coffee can seep into the microscopic pores of your teeth and remain there.

When wearing a retainer, the coffee can become stuck on the component. Coffee can remain behind on the metal or become pooled in the retainer.

If this occurs, the coffee will sit on your teeth longer. As a result, more coffee will remain on your teeth to stain them.

You can counter this by removing your retainer. However, you should ensure the coffee is off your teeth before returning your retainer.

Putting your retainer on coffee-stained teeth will only hold the coffee there.

Damaged Retainer

Another consequence is that coffee can damage your retainer. Scalding coffee can weaken your retainer and make it more brittle. The same is true for cold coffee.

If you remove your retainer beforehand, you can ensure it doesn’t become damaged. You also shouldn’t expect contact with hot temperatures to cause immediate damage.

However, some styles of retainers are more sensitive to temperatures. This situation may arise in an older retainer or one not correctly fitted to your teeth.

Either way, it’s best to avoid any damage to your retainer. If you must drink coffee, remove your retainer first. It’s best to avoid all drinks besides water.

Removing Your Retainer

Most retainers are removable, though you shouldn’t do so without a dentist’s approval. But won’t this counter the point of having your retainer in?

Removing your retainer for a single meal shouldn’t cause a problem. Eating or drinking with a retainer is not advisable.

Logically, you’ll need to eat or drink several times a day, so you should expect to remove your retainer at these times.

While inconvenient, you shouldn’t drink coffee outside of your meal times. You should put your retainer back on as soon as the meal is complete.

Doing so can help ensure it’s doing the job you need.

Make sure you maximize having your retainer on, even if it means skipping your coffee.

You can consult your dentist to devise an effective schedule that allows you your coffee break. Doing so can help you ensure you spend the least time possible without your retainer.

If your retainer is removed too frequently, it may not have the proper time to do its job. You may find yourself needing to wear your retainer longer as a result.


As sensitive as retainers are, it’s sensible that you may have a few remaining questions.

Read on to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding retainers.

Is cold coffee better than hot coffee?

When drinking coffee without a retainer, the temperature will not make the coffee more or less likely to stain.

Cold coffee also typically has ice in it. Many coffee drinkers have a habit of chewing the ice in their coffee.

Chewing ice with your coffee can also damage your retainer. The hard ice can bend the metal or puncture the other components. Do not chew ice (or anything else) with your retainer.

How can I prevent coffee stains on my teeth?

Avoiding coffee is the best way to prevent coffee stains on your teeth. When using a retainer, this becomes doubly true.

Some believe that adding milk to coffee will stop coffee stains. It’s believed that chemicals from the milk bind with the tannins. As a result, the tannins won’t seep into your teeth.

However, coffee will always have some degree of staining ability. Consider discussing coffee with your dentist.

If my retainer isn’t used correctly, will I need braces again?

While unlikely, this consequence is possible. Once your braces have made your teeth straight, they can still move around.

Retainers will help keep your teeth in their new position while they set. Not wearing a retainer gives your teeth nothing to keep them in place.

This can require braces again in severe cases, so use your retainer!


It’s best to avoid eating or drinking anything that isn’t water while using your retainer, including coffee.

Coffee can damage your retainer and stain your teeth. Speak with your dentist to enjoy coffee without damaging your retainer.

For more information on how to get the most out of your retainer, browse our site to learn more!

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