Can You Drink Coffee on ProLon

Can You Drink Coffee on ProLon?

Yes, you absolutely can enjoy a nice cup of coffee when you start ProLon’s program. ProLon allows you to drink coffee daily, as long as you keep it under 140 mg of caffeine and don’t add any creamer or milk.

When starting any new dietary plan, knowing all your restrictions or lack thereof can help you find more success.

ProLon is one of the many nutritional programs people are trying to help them nourish their bodies and even lose weight.

Whether you just started ProLon or are considering starting, knowing if you must go without your morning cup of Joe is essential.

What Is ProLon?

ProLon isn’t some little pill you take to help with your body goals. The brand features five-day or single-day dietary programs that can help you nourish your body and improve your overall health.

ProLon is similar to a fasting diet but with delicious and nourishing food.

The program lasts five days, during which you’ll follow the meal plan. You must use the products they give you to see the best results from ProLon.

You’ll receive products from ProLon are primarily plant-based, GMO-free, and gluten-free.

With such clean ingredients, knowing whether you can consume other food and beverage items during your five days can be confusing.

You Can Drink Coffee on ProLon (With Limitations)

The good news is that you can have coffee while on ProLon and still see your desired results.

That being said, there are some limitations to the type of coffee and how much coffee you can have.

ProLon says you can have 140 mg of caffeine daily while on the program. This equates to about eight to 12 ounces of coffee.

So, if you need a lot of coffee to get through your day, you’ll want to mentally prepare yourself for only about a cup of coffee a day.

Can You Drink Decaf Coffee on ProLon?

Some people think drinking decaf coffee will significantly differ from consuming regular coffee.

While decaf coffee has far less caffeine than traditional coffee, you still need to follow the maximum of 140 mg of caffeine daily on any of ProLon’s plans.

Decaf coffee can have more than eight to 12 ounces daily since caffeine is lower.

How You Shouldn’t Drink Your Coffee When Taking ProLon

Besides limiting how much coffee you’re allowed to have while on ProLon, there are ways, you shouldn’t make your coffee.

You’re allowed to have black coffee, but ProLon advises you not to add any creamer or milk to your coffee. You can add Stevia to sweeten the coffee, but nothing else.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink A Lot of Coffee on ProLon

If you’re considering starting a program with ProLon, understanding why they encourage a limited amount of caffeine intake can help you know if you’re making the right choice.

The reason that ProLon doesn’t want you drinking an excessive amount of caffeine, or anything over 140 mg, is because it can stimulate the PKA pathway.

The PKA pathway is the nutrient-sensing pathway that ProLon works to down-regulate while you’re on the program.

When it stimulates the pathway, you won’t see many or any results from using ProLon, so it’s better not to drink coffee at all or to ensure you’re staying under 140 mg daily.

Be sure to check the nutrition label of all coffee you’re drinking.

Not all coffee has the same caffeine content, so you’ll want to ensure you know how much you’re consuming so you don’t accidentally exceed the 140 mg allowance.

What To Do If You Regularly Drink a Lot of Coffee

Even though you can still enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee while on ProLon, it might be far less than what you’re used to.

If you often drink a lot of coffee, or anything more than 140 mg of caffeine, you might struggle with ProLon.

ProLon recommends reducing caffeine intake about a week before starting the five-day program. This way, your body gets used to less caffeine over time.

Doing this will hopefully allow you to react less to caffeine, like headaches and fatigue.

Besides that, gradually removing most of your caffeine before you start ProLon can help reduce your cravings and dependency while on the program.

When you don’t need it as much, you won’t want to have it and will see more success with the program.


If you still have questions about coffee and ProLon, check out what other people wonder about the topic.

Will milk in my coffee affect ProLon?

Yes. Since ProLon is a fasting-like diet, you shouldn’t add any milk or creamer to your coffee. Milk or creamer can throw off the plan and progress you’re making.

What drinks are you allowed to have on ProLon?

Water is an essential beverage to have while on ProLon. You are allowed to have other zero-calorie drinks like herbal teas.

You shouldn’t have soda of any kind, but you can have coffee sparingly.

What happens if I have too much coffee while taking ProLon?

The program won’t work as intended if you have more than 140 mg of caffeine in your coffee.

You might feel extra jittery since you’re eating fewer calories and consuming more caffeine. Serious side effects shouldn’t happen, but it’s best to avoid any amount of caffeine over 140 mg.


You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee when you start ProLon’s program. Since ProLon was designed to down-regulate the PKA pathways that coffee stimulates, only drinking a little bit per day or none at all is the best move.

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