Can You Drink Coffee On Optavia

Can You Drink Coffee On Optavia?

The Optavia diet is gaining popularity among those wishing to shed those extra kilos.

If you are planning to shift to Optavia and wonder whether coffee can fit in as part of your daily routine, the answer is yes, you can drink coffee on Optavia.

Coffee is an integral part of millions of people’s daily lives and a popular morning staple.

You can combine coffee with different diet plans to enhance its effect, as it contains numerous therapeutic benefits. One of them is Optavia!

Today, we discuss how coffee can benefit your weight loss goals while on Optavia. Read on to learn more!

What Is the Optavia Diet?

Optavia is a low-calorie diet comprising pre-packaged meals and simple homemade recipes. It focuses on developing healthy eating habits that encourage fat-burning and subsequent weight loss.

The brand’s meal plans are known as Optavia fuelings. You can choose from more than 60 nutrient-dense fuelings according to your preferences and requirements, including smoothies, soups, pasta, cereal, bars, puddings, etc.

There are different diet plans from which you can choose. The 5 and 1 program is the most popular, consisting of six small portions, including five meals of Optavia Fuelings, and the 6th one being a homemade Lean and Green meal.

This consists of lean proteins, plenty of veggies, and healthy fats.

Benefits of Optavia Diet?

Obesity has become an epidemic that continues to rise at an alarming rate. According to estimates, over 1 billion adults will be obese by 2025.

Therefore, introducing a weight-loss-promoting diet is the dire need of the hour.

Low-carb diets are beneficial in cutting down excess fat and weight. Optavia is a holistic diet designed to promote weight loss.

According to reports, the commercial program has shown positive results, thanks to successful client and coach interactions.

Optavia weight loss plan can also help out post-stroke patients. Weight loss strategies are essential for individuals with vascular disorders like stroke.

A study concludes that the 12-week meal replacement strategy, Optavia, led to safe and effective weight loss.

The low-calorie and low-carb diets also effectively manage type 2 diabetes symptoms. Obesity and abrupt lipid profiles can have adverse effects on diabetes conditions.

Lowering the body’s fat leads to improvements in insulin sensitivity.

According to a study, Optavia and Medifast dietary plans effectively impart weight loss effects after four months. However, no immediate improvements in the glycemic index were noted.

Can You Drink Coffee on an Optavia Diet?

You can drink coffee while on the Optavia program, as it will not negatively affect your results.

The replacement meal program is low on carbohydrates, so we recommend not adding sugar to the beverage or using an artificial sweetener.

Effects of Coffee on Optavia

Taking coffee on Optavia can have multiple benefits. The active ingredient, i.e., caffeine, can help promote weight loss and also help enhance energy levels.

The following are some of the significant benefits of consuming unsweetened coffee while on the Optavia diet:

Weight Loss

A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials reveals that coffee intake is linked to an evident loss in body fat.

Every doubling in caffeine intake leads to a two-fold decrease in weight. It also improves the body mass index and leads to significant fat reduction.

According to a randomized controlled trial, caffeine improves lipid profile and body fat percentage when ingested with carnitine.

Based on the positive impact of coffee on weight, caffeine is often added to weight loss supplements.

In addition to weight loss, caffeinated beverages can help maintain weight (body mass index).

Energy Expenditure

Caffeine also modulates your energy expenditure. Studies show that caffeine intake increases the body’s energy expenditure while lowering the intake.

Accordingly, it helps regulate body weight.

Improved Mood

Restricting calories can lead to fatigue. Foodies who love to eat can go through bad moods when refraining from their favorite food items.

Therefore, a hindrance to successful dieting is anxiety and mood swings.

Taking coffee in moderate amounts can sufficiently improve mood and cognitive performance.

Studies show that less than 400 mg of coffee daily enhances mood and improves performance.

There is a risk of dehydration beyond this number, i.e., 400 mg/ day.

Less Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease

Overweight and obese individuals have greater chances of developing chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Those suffering from these life-threatening infirmities can adopt weight loss diets such as Optavia to enhance their health.

A study concludes that coffee and caffeine intake significantly reduces type 2 diabetes incidence, saving you from the silent killer.

In otherwise healthy individuals, coffee intake is linked to a 15% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and abnormal heart rhythms.

However, you must drink coffee in moderate amounts, as excess caffeine can have adverse effects.

How To Enjoy Coffee With Optavia?

You can savor different types of coffee with Optavia. Limit the calories consumed, and you are good on your weight-loss journey.

You may drink an espresso or a frappuccino on Optavia. The caffeinated beverage will keep you alert and compensate for the reduced energy due to caloric restriction.

We recommend avoiding coffee drinking at night as it may keep you up all night.


The Optavia diet plan is a branded low-calorie diet plan that comprises homemade foods and pre-packaged meals called Optavia fuelings.

These meals are designed for individuals planning to lose excess weight and body fat.

Four-month and 12-week studies of the plan have shown evident improvements in followers’ weight and lipid profiles.

Taking moderate amounts of coffee with Optavia can be a beneficial step to losing excess weight.

Caffeinated beverages enhance the weight loss effect of the diet by increasing energy expenditure.

Coffee with Optavia also helps maintain weight after sufficient weight loss.

As an added benefit, drinking coffee helps keep chronic diseases at bay, such as improving heart health and regulating blood sugar!


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