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5 Best Light Roast Coffee Brands in (2023)

Black coffee doesn’t necessarily mean a dark roast. It simply means a coffee without any additives like cream or sugar.

This is the reason why we are going to debunk the myth about light roast coffee finally. It is often not what people think it is. 

What is Light Roast Coffee?

Light roast coffee is roasted for less time than dark roast would be subjected to. Every coffee brand has a unique scale for roasting the beans. 

They are generalized as follows:

  • American roast: The coffee beans are moderately roasted (medium roast). This type of roast creates a vibrant taste that is neither too light nor too heavy.
  • French toast: French roast coffee beans are darker, like the color of dark chocolate. It has a lot of body with a hint of bitterness and a more pungent taste than the medium roast. 
  • Italian roast: This roast appears glossy. The color is brown to black with a vibrant and heavy taste. Most espressos use Italian roasts to make their drinks.

Light roast coffee appears golden brown. When drunk, the body tastes light, and the surface is free of any oiliness. 

How To Make Light Roast Coffee

Cracks determine roasts. 

Light coffee beans should never get to the second crack during roasting. Some light roast brands remove the beans before the first crack is achieved. Any longer than the first crack is not a light roast.

The temperature of creating Light roast coffee ranges from 356-401 degrees Fahrenheit. If it goes beyond these temperatures, the beans get darker.

Why You Should Choose Light Roast Coffee 

A light roast retains more flavor. A burnt aftertaste or acidity doesn’t alter the original taste of the coffee bean. 

Light roasts contain slightly more caffeine than darker roasts.

If you are unfamiliar with light coffee, we’ll give you some good examples you should consider stocking up on.

1. Panera Bread Light Roast Keurig K-Cup Pods Coffee

Methods of brewing coffee have changed a lot over time. The process is highly modernized, with several innovations coming up regularly. 

The Keurig machine is the latest sensation in homes and commercial spaces. As a result, K-Cups with single-serving coffee pods are the go-to for that quick caffeine fix. 

Keurigs produce decent coffee with ease and efficiency. 

Product Features

  • Panera Bread light K-Cup pods have an excellent balanced flavor between roasted nut tones and sharpness. 
  • It has a smooth finish 
  • The pods contain 100% Arabica coffee beans 
  • Panera Bread light roast coffee beans originate from an entirely organic process with no additives.
  • The K-cup pods are made for compatibility with the Keurig Single-Cup brewing machine.
  • The package contains 24 separate light roast K-Cup pods
  • There are no coffee grinds left behind to clean up since the brewing takes place in the K-Cup Pod
  • One pod makes one serving, so one pack contains 24 servings
  • Certified by the Orthodox Union Kosher to be Kosher


  • High caffeine content, perfect for busy mornings
  • You can recreate your favorite drive-thru coffee tastes at home 
  • The balance of flavors is appealing
  • It is a more affordable way of getting your daily fix of K-Cup Pods


  • Customer reviews complained of a $10 increase in the price of this package.


All Keurig K-Cup single-serve coffee will make you a brew in this coffee pod. Be on the lookout for the seal of Keurig Genuine Quality.

Panera bread coffee pod is carefully sourced and selected by experts. The coffee is then lightly roasted and ground. Sealing creates a vacuum that preserves freshness.

2. Lavazza Gran Aroma Ground Coffee Blend, Light Roast

Lavazza has stayed relevant in the coffee industry for more than a decade. That alone speaks volumes about the quality of the brand. It is one of the best-ranked brands on the market.

The Gran aroma coffee blend targets connoisseurs of the drink. 

The intensity of the taste on the palate ranks at a low medium of 4. Therefore, enthusiasts of excellent cups of express ought to try Lavazza Gran. 

Lavazza obtains 100% Arabica beans from South America, where sweet and light-bodied flavor originates. The flavor profile contains notes of citrus and floral aromas.

Lavazza Gran Aroma is sold in both K-Cup and ground pods. 

Product Features

  • The body of this Italian coffee is light with a citrus taste
  • Floral notes blend in with the citrus taste
  • It is made with Arabica coffee
  • Light roast profile
  • The beans are ground carefully not to make them too fine or too coarse
  • The flavor is consistent in the K-Cup pod’s packaging


  • Excellent quality pure Arabica beans make the blend
  • This Italian coffee offers value for money. The price is reasonable, considering the quality of the coffee
  • Lavazza grows, harvests, and processes Arabica coffee sustainably for the environment and the community around their farms


  • It comes already ground. Some drinkers prefer to make their texture 
  • If you are used to the Starbucks espresso, it will take some adjusting to the weaker flavor of the Lavazza


This coffee packs a lot of luxury and indulgence in this 12-ounce bag. The aroma and taste are distinguished as only Italian roasts can be. We recommend you give one of the best coffee makers a chance in your kitchen.

3. Ethiopian Sidamo Guji Coffee, Light Roast

The Ethiopian Sidamo Guji coffee is famous for its rich, fruity flavor. The brand of French Roasted coffee offers the best value for money.

Guji coffee growers carefully select their beans using sustainable methods. The factors determining a selection include the following:

  • Origin
  • Quality
  • Flavor profile

After the selection, the beans go into a roaster. An innovative roaster works better in this case to enhance the precision of temperature and timing.

Product Features

  • The coffee flavor comes with wine and fruity notes. You can taste hints of cherry and strawberry. 
  • The natural methods of processing the coffee berries enhance the taste profile.
  • Sidamo Guji’s overall taste has a medium body, sharp acidity, and an earthy aftertaste.
  • It grows in acidic soil under dry climate conditions. These two conditions are responsible for the fruity flavors.
  • Sidamo Guji coffee is an Arabica variety.
  • The coffee is certified kosher.


  • It has a rich flavor profile, just like wine. You will detect berry notes of strawberry and cherry.
  • The company uses natural processing methods with zero additives. This enhances the flavor profile and is safe for the environment.
  • Using a smart roaster enhances the precision of timing the light roast.
  • The production and processing of Sidamo Guji coffee significantly reduce carbon emissions due to innovative processing methods. 


  • The fruity berry flavor is forward. You’ll either enjoy it or immediately hate it.
  • Buyers have indeed complained about the highly sugary taste of the coffee roast.


Guji is an area within the Oromia region of Southern Ethiopia that produces the country’s best coffee. The climate in Guji is dry, and the soil is acidic. 

4. Subtle Earth Organic Arabica Coffee

This Café Don Pablo’s light roast comes from the Honduras coffee farms. The café is a family business in Miami, Florida.

The company explicitly roasts Honduran gourmet coffee beans. 

Café Don Pablo is involved in Colombia’s cultivation, picking, and processing process. They do this through their Sharing Certified Program, which helps farmers grow the best coffee trees. 

The Subtle Earth coffee is pure Arabica and 100% free of GMOs.

Its rich taste and flavor come from the cultivation in the high altitudes of Honduran Marcala. The coffee tastes bright, yet the acidity is minimal.

Product Features

  • The Arabica beans grow at an altitude of 3,805 – 4,290ft 
  • The coffee-growing area is situated in the Marcala region of Honduras
  • Subtle earth Arabica coffee is of the Catuai varietal
  • They have a USDA organic certification. They are cultivated without using insecticides and pesticides 
  • When you drink this coffee, it tastes smooth and bright with a sweet aftertaste
  • The taste notes present are rich and chocolatey
  • The aroma is sweet caramel, honey, and cocoa
  • Brew this coffee on a French press, drip, or pour-over machines


  • Grown and processed through certified organic means
  • There are no harmful pesticide residues because none are used on the plants
  • Zero use of chemical fertilizer to grow the coffee plants
  • This coffee can be prepared in different machines to make other recipes
  • The package has a one-way valve to release CO2 from roasted beans while keeping oxygen out


  • It is only available in the 5lb bag
  • Limited options for international shipping


Since the Café Don Pablo coffee is slow-roasted, the flavor is layered. The tastes of the coffee vary according to different recipes and machines involved in preparation. 

One thing that remains constant despite the method of preparation is the suggestively smooth flavor. 

5. Peet’s Coffee Costa Rica Aurora K-Cup Coffee Pods

Alfred Peet perfected the art of making coffee blends. His method was to blend two excellent-quality beans. Because each type of coffee has its characteristics, each will be distinct in the mix.

The flavor is complex and nuanced because each coffee can stand independently.

In Costa Rica Aurora, high-grade Kenya and Costa Rican coffees undergo a light roast together. 

Product Features

  • The coffee is hand-roasted. The process relies entirely on the senses of sight, smell, taste, and hearing.
  • Though the coffees are from different regions, the roasting process blends them to create a new flavor.
  • The flavor is light, with various hints of citrus fruits, sweet Kenyan blackcurrant, and a chocolate taste.
  • Peet’s coffee K-cup pods are packaged in quality and recyclable pods.


  • It is fast and convenient to make coffee on a K-cup
  • The blend of the best Kenyan and Costa Rican coffee is genius. The flavor of Each region stands out in the brew
  • Peet offers multiple grind options such as espresso, French press or percolator, drip, whole bean, and commercial brewer
  • It is versatile enough for many brewing alternatives. It is not confined to the Keurig machine


  • The coffee comes from two regions. If you are a fan of single-origin coffees, then this one is not for you.


Peet’s coffee usually announces the roasting dates of this unique blend of coffee. This ensures that their buyers schedule a purchase and get the product when it is fresh.


Light roast coffee offers a rich blend of flavors. It will certainly blow away your palate if you are a first-time drinker. It tastes nothing like the dark roast. And yes, it is still good coffee!

A light roast enhances and yet preserves the distinct floral and fruity tones. Lightly roasted coffee always has a hint of roasted grain taste. Also, you can prepare your taste buds for a combination of the following flavors. 

Sugar notes

  • Vanilla
  • Fruity
  • Honey 
  • sugarcane

Berry flavors

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry 

Citrus taste

  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon 
  • Orange 
  • Lime 

Fruity notes 

  • Nectarine
  • Peach 
  • Plum 

Floral notes 

  • Rose 
  • Chamomile 
  • Jasmine 

Papaya or Tomato 

The texture of light roast coffee feels smooth and light on the tongue. Some varieties may even taste like drinking tea. 

This is a clear distinction from the coffee served in diners. Diner coffee is typically very dark and slathered with oil. This is because the beans are roasted darker and contain oil.

Although all the flavors promised by light roast coffee sound exciting, there is one major disadvantage of light roast coffee. Each brand must be brewed following a particular procedure to draw out the full flavor.

However, you can take your time to learn about how light roasts are different from both medium and dark roasts.

Understanding the light roasts will help brew in the best way to draw out the full flavor. Give some light roasts in this list a try. You might love it!

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