Best Coffee Shops in Omaha

24 Best Coffee Shops in Omaha (2023)

The city of Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, not only has stunning landscapes, historic landmarks, and a variety of museums and events to enjoy, but it also has a great range of coffee shops, cafés, and independent coffee hangouts to get your caffeine dreams to fix.

Enjoy our list of the best places to get coffee in Omaha.

Archetype Coffee

Archetype’s slogan (“fastidious roasts, punctilious brews, ridiculous people”) says it all. Archetype’s community-focused coffee is brewed from high-quality roasts by quality people.

With locations in Omaha’s Blackstone District and Little Bohemia, it is easy for a coffee connoisseur to find whole beans, fresh grinds, or a cup to start the day.

They serve espresso, drip, French press, and Chemex-brewed coffee.

Archetype promises a quirky, unique ambiance and a high-quality, consciously produced coffee for customers searching for the perfect coffee shop experience

Archetype coffee also offers its roasts for purchase in bulk at their stores for customers who prefer to brew at home.

Rally Coffee Co

Rally Coffee Co has a fierce love of coffee. They are committed to producing a delectable product that gives customers a unique coffee experience.

With one location in downtown Omaha, this exclusive coffee shop will have something that exceeds expectations.

Food and non-coffee beverages are also available, and customers can expect a traditional coffee shop ambiance.

Rally Coffee Co also sells exclusive coffees for customers to grind and brew at home. Their website is regularly updated with fresh, unique offerings to discerning coffee consumers.

Hardy Coffee Co

Few coffee companies like Hardy Coffee demonstrate their commitment to community and high-quality coffee.

Initially beginning as a bakery, Hardy Coffee has grown to include baked goods and premium, expertly roasted coffee.

With three locations in Omaha, Hardy Coffee Co is a quick stop for delicious bakery offerings and stellar coffee.

Hardy Coffee Co offers an online store for customers who wish to have coffee shipped to their homes, but those who choose to visit one of Hardy Coffee’s three brick-and-mortar stores will be greeted with coffee aromas and superb ambiance.

Art shows and community events set Hardy Coffee Co apart, and their food and beverage offerings will satisfy even the most discerning customer.

A Hill of Beans

An Omaha staple, Hill of Beans offers superior coffee to customers. A Hill of Beans has committed to sustainability.

Its mission includes providing customers with the best coffee that is ethically sourced for all individuals in the supply chain.

A Hill of Beans has four locations across Omaha, making their high-quality roasts easy to access from anywhere in the city.

Customers can purchase beverages or roast coffee beans at any of their locations, and A Hill of Beans offers online ordering for those wishing to have their whole-bean coffee delivered.


Zen Coffee Co

Zen Coffee Co makes coffee differently; they have partnered with a high-quality roaster to deliver the best possible product to customers.

They do this while remaining a green business that generates zero waste—aiming to unite the world with love and passion for coffee with concern for the environment.

This woman-owned establishment has rooted itself in the West Omaha community, and in addition to great coffee, Zen coffee offers events, activities, and an outdoor seating area for customers.

With two locations in Omaha, Zen Coffee Co is a great place to stop for a quick bite and an excellent cup of coffee.


Myrtle & Cypress Coffee House

Myrtle & Cypress Coffee offers an exclusive coffee experience with a curated, expertly-created beverage menu.

While Myrtle & Cypress offers few food offerings, they place their expertise into their drinks and provide some of the best coffee Omaha has.

Their Omaha location on 33rd street offers attractive decor and a calm atmosphere for those who wish to relax and enjoy their beverage in-house.


Scooter’s Coffee

With over 15 locations throughout Omaha, Scooter’s Coffee is easily accessible to anyone needing a quick pick-me-up.

Customers won’t find much in the way of ambiance at Scooter’s, as most of their locations are drive-through only.

Their extensive menu features something everyone will enjoy, including treats like smoothies and blended coffee.

Scooter’s also offers breakfast food to customers and has established itself as a one-stop-shop for Omahan’s starting their day.


13th Street Coffee and Tea Company

The purveyors of this humble coffee shop in Omaha’s historic Old Market district have established themselves as providers of some of the best-caffeinated beverages in Omaha.

In addition to delicious coffee, 13th Street Coffee and Tea offers gelato, snacks, and typical caffeine-free options.

13th Street Coffee is known for creating unique beverage specials, and its expert baristas regularly produce new creations.

The ambiance and vibe of 13th Street Coffee and Tea can’t be beaten, from their location to the hip, quirky atmosphere that awaits customers inside.


Amateur Coffee

Please don’t get confused by their name; the folks at Amateur Coffee know what they’re doing.

At their Omaha location, the experts at Amateur Coffee create unique and tasty beverages, serving small-batch, handcrafted coffee and a selection of foods that complement their distinctive drinks.

Amateur Coffee is one of the few vegan restaurants in Omaha, offering their entire menu without using animal products. Customers can expect excellent coffee in their cup, or if they prefer, whole beans they can purchase and grind themselves.


Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

At Howlin’ Hounds, a customer can expect an authentic coffeehouse experienced with dedicated, knowledgeable baristas.

They keep it simple, offering a menu consisting of coffeehouse staples that will please even the pickiest coffee connoisseur. Howlin’ Hounds Coffee works with local bakeries to provide various snacks and treats.

Howlin’ Hounds owners pride themselves in showcasing the best of Omaha’s artists, and customers can expect the whole gallery experience when visiting their one Omaha location. 

Dundee Double Shot Coffee

Dundee Double Shot Coffee is a staple in Omaha’s historic Dundee community. They produce over thirty roasts in-house and offer a full selection of expertly prepared coffee and non-coffee beverages.

Customers can expect to find their Omaha location bustling, as they regularly host fundraisers and events to support the Omaha community.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee stands apart for its vast selection of roasts and dedication to Omaha. In addition to community events, Dundee Double Shot Coffee regularly showcases Omaha artists.


Karma Koffee

With a lengthy food and beverage menu, Karma Coffee has something for everyone. Unique drinks like a French toast latte or Amazing Chai Tea allow Karma to showcase its high-quality coffees and teas.

With one location in Omaha, Karma Coffee provides unique, attractive drink options and a chic ambiance. They also offer a variety of fresh-made snacks for hungry coffee-goers.


Accelerando Coffee House

The brewers and baristas at Accelerando Coffee take pride in the craft of coffee and offer many coffeehouse staples.

In addition to their expertly prepared beverages, Accelerando Coffee House features an ever-changing menu of baked goods with something for everyone.

Accelerando Coffee aims to be the gathering spot of note in Omaha.

They feature regular meetups for tabletop gamers and coders working from home and regularly host quasi-organized events for those looking to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

This specialty coffee shop offers an innovative place for the neighborhood to meet and drink quality coffee.


Sozo Coffeehouse

Sozo Coffeehouse has become known for its seasonal drink creations, ornate beverages, and a great place to relax.

Featuring pool tables, a foosball table, and the ability to book private study rooms, Sozo has established itself as the premier chill destination in Omaha.

Located near Omaha’s historic Old Market district, Sozo Coffeehouse also features a live music venue featuring local Omaha musicians and visiting artists.

Sozo’s atmosphere and offerings are beyond compare for customers looking for great coffee and a place to unwind.


Bad Seed Coffee and Supply

Bad Seed Coffee and Supply offers single-origin and direct trade coffees roasted in small-batched by expert roasters.

The art and craft of coffee roasting are apparent at Bad Seed Coffee, and they take pride in creating the best and tastiest roasts.

Customers can stop into Bad Seed’s Omaha location for a freshly prepared coffeehouse staple or grab a bag of Bad Seed’s newly roasted coffee beans.

Village Grinder

The Village Grinder is a small and cozy café with comfortable decor and many tables and chairs to lounge with friends over a great cup of coffee.

For 30 years, Village Grinder has offered a variety of unique drinks and coffeehouse staples. They also offer fresh bakery items and sandwiches.

Customers can expect a bustling coffee atmosphere at this one-stop shop for daily caffeine.

Stir Coffee Bar

This coffee shop on Omaha’s west side is locally owned by two women who founded Stir Coffee Bar to offer unique beverages created with great attention to detail.

Stir Coffee uses a carefully selected list of suppliers to offer their customers the freshest coffee and tea.

Stir Coffee Bar’s menu features coffeehouse staples as well as seasonal creations. They also offer small bites and snacks on their food menu.

Legend Comics and Coffee

For customers interested in comics, card games, tabletop games, and coffee, Legend Comics can’t be beaten.

They offer a full coffee menu and an area for customers to gather and play games or discuss the latest comics. Legend Comics and Coffee occasionally hosts events such as tabletop game tournaments.

Muglife Coffee

Located in downtown Omaha, Muglife Coffee offers direct-trade coffees sourced globally through ethical suppliers.

They have a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, including their nitro cold brew. In addition to their specialty coffees, they also offer a selection of hand-picked teas.

Muglife Coffee works with local suppliers to offer fresh pastries, donuts, and baked goods to complement their expertly prepared beverages.

Muglife roasters and baristas see themselves as ambassadors of the coffee industry and strive to create a roast that brings out their origin and unique traits.

Urban Abbey

For those seeking a sense of community and purpose with their coffee, Urban Abbey will meet their needs.

Billing itself as a combination coffee shop, bookstore, and church, Urban Abbey aims to be a space of inclusion and hospitality for its customers.

Coffee is ethically sourced and proceeds from purchases of coffee fund Urban Abbey’s non-profit causes.

Serving as a community resource and a coffee shop, Urban Abbey offers fair-trade coffeehouse staples prepared with care.

Green Beans Coffee

Green Bean Coffee’s two Omaha locations are jam-packed with food and beverage selections. They offer an extensive menu of unique hot and cold beverages and breakfast and lunch items.

Green Bean Coffee offers six proprietary roasts and takes pride in sourcing the highest quality Arabica beans for their blends.

Felius Cat Cafe

Distinguishing itself as one of Omaha’s most unique coffee shops, Felius Cat Coffee in downtown Omaha combines a menu of coffeehouse staples with the opportunity to hang out and meet cats who are available for adoption.

Felius Cat Coffee offers access to their cat playroom for an hourly rate for customers who desire some snuggles with their caffeine.

The proceeds from purchases at Felius Cat Coffee fund their cat rescue efforts. Customers can take pride in knowing that money spent on their coffee is a direct animal of the financing relief in the Omaha area.

Blue Line Coffee

This coffee shop prides itself on providing its customers with affordable, fair-trade coffee and light bites.

Located in Omaha’s historic Dundee community, the locals know Blue Line Coffee to be traditional and homey.

Their down-to-earth brews and baked goods set Blue Line apart as a coffeehouse that trades ambiance for a high-quality, affordable product.



With several locations across the Omaha area, Starbucks remains a staple of the coffee community.

This nationwide coffeehouse chain features regularly updated light bites and a high-quality coffee menu. Starbucks has a diverse menu of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, wraps, and baked goods for hungry customers.


For customers searching for Omaha coffee shops, there is no shortage of cafes.

The diversity of coffee companies in Omaha is notable, and each new coffee shop features its mix of coffee, ambiance, and particular highlights that make them unique.

Omaha has a coffee house for every taste and mood to suit customers’ wishes. From the casual coffee consumer to the hardcore connoisseur, Omaha has a coffee destination for everyone.

They serve espresso, drip, French press, and Chemex-brewed coffee.

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