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Buying the Best Coffee Bean Drinks in (2023)

Sometimes we are just not content with the ‘regular’ when it comes to coffee choices, and we want to try out something different.

You don’t need to try out every coffee bean drink available before finding the best style.

Or it may be that you are trying out some lends at home, and you think, why not?

This review will take you through some of the most popular coffee bean drinks from which you can create that fantastic floor blend of coffee.

Remember, blended coffee drinks are made with non-fat milk, so you don’t need to worry about gaining some extra calories after consuming them.

They have mostly blended drinks made from ice, milk, and cream. They are tasty, sweet, and spicy.

No matter what your preference is, whether you love your coffee warm or with ice, you can choose from these perfectly roasted coffee beans.

Our Top Choices for The Best Coffee Bean Drinks

1. Big Train Low Carb Blended Ice Coffee, Mocha, Low Carb Powdered Instant Coffee Drink Mix

Big Train has been in the field of quality coffee for some time now.

Striking a good balance between low carb and a rich chocolate taste, their blended ice coffee is just ready to take with a simple addition of either hot or cold water, mixing quickly and independently on the temperature setting of your water.

In terms of the flavors they offer, you can try their vanilla, latte, or spiced beverage anytime, and anyway.

You can either add milk or not. It goes well as a breakfast companion or a relaxing drink during the day. It is also a good gift for your family members who cannot do without coffee.


  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Volume: 480 Fluid Ounces
  • Flavor: Multi-flavored
  • Roast level: Medium
  • Manufacturer: Big Train Store
  • Customer reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars


  • Low carb coffee
  • The concentration of caffeine is low
  • Easy to make
  • It is one of the most delicious coffees you will find
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Affordable and cheap


  • The packaging may vary from customer to customer


2. Lavazza Espresso Barista Perfetto Whole Bean Coffee 100% Arabica

This delicious and aromatic whole-bean coffee has notes of chocolate to satisfy the cravings of customers who want the best of both worlds. 

It is one of the best beverages in Italy, made from 100% Arabica coffee beans that are well-known worldwide. It is easy to blend and mix. It is best used with an espresso machine.

Many customers mentioned that it helps activate their minds every morning with its delicious cream and chocolate undertones.

The quality of coffee used is also evident in that it mixes easily with hot and cold water.


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Specialty: GMO- free
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Composition: Arabica and Robusta
  • Flavor: Barista Perfetto
  • Manufacturer: Lavazza Store
  • Customer reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars


  • The storage pack is airtight and will not spoil easily
  • Easy to blend and make
  • The flavor is one of the best
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Combines two types of coffee beans
  • Less expensive than other brands


  • The packaging does not have an intact vacuum seal


3. AmazonFresh Decaf Colombia Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast

They always say the fresher the coffee beans, the better the taste and the more satisfying it will be.

Those words summarize this masterfully roasted coffee with a pleasant aroma and exciting flavors. A medium roast balances flavor and aroma, exactly what anyone will want in a coffee.

Even though it was roasted and packed in the USA, it originates in South America. It has brown sugar and some traces of cocoa, garnished with a citrus aroma.

It has a lower concentration of caffeine and a smooth finish. It is easy to mix and enjoy when blended well, whether using hot or cold water.


  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Roast level: Medium
  • Coffee from: Whole bean
  • Flavor: Decaf
  • Content: pack of 3
  • Manufacturer: AmazonFresh Store
  • Customer reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars


  • It has a low concentration of caffeine
  • It features several flavors for a broader range of customers
  • It has a great taste
  • Not too pricey
  • Blends easily on regular coffee machines
  • First-timers will find it to be a great option
  • It comes in a pack of 3, offering great value for the money spent


  • Customers who prefer darker flavors may not fancy it
  • Taking too much of it may affect some customers’ sleeping pattern


4. AmazonFresh Whole Bean Coffee Coffee 32oz bundle

With medium roasting, you get coffee with a pleasing aroma and a great flavor. The package is not too big, ensuring that you’ll have relatively fresh coffee available at all times.

The package size is excellent for not wasting coffee and having it sit in your cabinets for too long.

The coffee bean has its roots in Columbia but was roasted and packed in the United States. It is certified and suitable for healthy indulgence.

It is a perfect combo with doughnuts and other early-morning snacks. It remains an excellent option for those who may be new to coffee.


  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Roast level: Medium roast and dark roast
  • Coffee from: Whole Bean
  • Caffeine content: high
  • Flavor: Multi-flavored
  • Manufacturer: AmazonFresh Stores
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars


  • Easy to blend
  • Great taste with unique flavors
  • The price is quite reasonable
  • Activates the mind fast
  • Drinking it lowers your risk of diabetes
  • It is certified by regulatory bodies


  • It may taste somewhat bitter because of its dark roast level.


5. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast

Completing this recommended list is this super-rich coffee with an aromatic blend of fruits, flavor, and freshness. Its preparation is simple with an espresso machine. It is a medium-roasted coffee with an excellent taste without any trace of a bitter taste.

You only need to mix it well with water to enjoy it without sugar. You can add milk to your taste as each person’s preference differs. You can enjoy it at any time of the day.


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Specialty: Natural
  • Volume: 1 milliliter
  • Taste profile: Aromatic
  • Roast: medium light
  • Flavors: Hazelnut and super crema
  • Caffeine content: High
  • Preparation: Espresso machine
  • Coffee form: Whole bean
  • Manufacturer: Lavazza
  • Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars


  • The packaging is airtight, making it one that can last for long
  • Rich flavors ensure a great taste
  • Cheap and quite affordable for everyone
  • Provides excellent value for money


  • Many customers complained of finding rocks in the package they got.
  • The package may not be vacuum sealed.


Features to Look Out For When Buying

The population of coffee lovers is on the rise globally. If you’re like the millions of coffee-lover out there, you, too, have cultivated a kind of love for coffee. Here are some coffee features we suggest you always consider when buying from your favorite stores.

A.A: If you are checking out a different brand and you notice that sign in any package, it simply means that the beans belong to the second-largest coffee producer from Kenya. Because of their incredibly high quality, they are somewhat pricier than other brands. If ever you come across any brand that has that notation, we highly recommend it.

Caffeine: The amount of caffeine a particular brand contains matters a lot. It depends on how much caffeine you would want in your system. Remember that the concentration of caffeine in any coffee depends on such factors as blend, brewing method, and bean type.

The percentage of caffeine is written on the package in most cases. You might want to check for this before deciding which one to buy.

Decaffeinated: If you want decaffeinated coffee, it is good to remember that roasting removes caffeine from coffee beans. So, ideally, you will want to go for the darker roast since they automatically contain the lowest concentration of caffeine.

Decaffeinated coffee beans have been returned to their regular moisture and content level. The only downside to decaffeinated coffee is that its taste is somewhat flat. They have been smoked to the highest degree, so it is expected that this is experienced.

Fair Trade Certified: The regulatory body, ‘Part,’ is a non-profit international regulatory body that advocates for the best coffee and supports coffee farmers.

They promote safe working conditions and ensure the controlled and limited use of pesticides on all coffee produced.

The next time you go shopping for coffee beans, look for an indication on the package that it has been certified. The certified coffee packs are safer for you and your family.

Flavor: Flavors have been added to some coffee beans to give them a great taste. Such flavors include Vanilla, Irish cream, and Hazelnut, among others.

Even though you only know the flavor you want, it would make more sense if you endeavor to check for the taste before buying your next coffee beans so that you don’t buy one with a different flavor from what you want.

Growing Region: Coffee is grown in various tropics all around the world. We mentioned earlier that some areas in East Africa and South America are known as producers of great coffee.

On the coffee pack, when you are about to buy, you will notice some information about where the coffee originated from.

Organic: If you find the word ‘organic’ on the pack, that is good news because it was grown without harmful pesticides and other synthetic fertilizers.

It would be nice to look for one with the tag before buying. Buying organic products supports organic farmers and companies to help make us and our families healthier, along with the world.

Different Types of Coffee Roasts 

Light: The light roast of coffee beans produces light brown beans with a more awkward taste. This is because their acidity level is high, and they also have a high concentration of caffeine.

Even though many don’t like this roast, it is still popular among coffee enthusiasts.

Medium: Medium roast features coffee beans that have been roasted to be slightly darker than the light brown ones.

These are known for their rich flavors and aromas but have high acid content. They are also balanced in terms of caffeine, and they are slightly bitter.

Dark: The dark roasted coffee beans are full-bodied and heavy; they are usually low in caffeine content and are faintly spiced up in terms of flavor.

They are not entirely dark but have a mahogany-colored look. Many cafés use them because of their general acceptance by coffee lovers worldwide.

Darker: These last roast types are characterized by their bitter taste. They have withstood more smoke, appear burnt, and have the lowest caffeine content of all roasted beans.

They are not too acidic but popular among senior citizens among coffee lovers.

Final Verdict

Coffee lovers will never be stranded because we have the best coffee bean drink options for you if you are confused about your choice.

You can try something other than the ‘regular’ with their vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut flavors.

There are countless brands with peculiar flavors, and you can even create your blend of various flavors to get that great taste you’ve always wanted. Who says you can’t get creative with your coffee?

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