What is Mayan Coffee

What is Mayan Coffee?

Mayan coffee is a sweet coffee beverage enjoyed all over the world. Check out the origins and how to make your Mayan coffee at home! Mayan Coffee Overview Mayan coffee may seem unfamiliar, but it is famous for those seeking a unique caffeine experience. This flavorful mix includes Kahlúa and Xtabentun, giving it its dark …

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What Is Freeze Dry Coffee

What Is Freeze Dry Coffee?

Freeze-dried coffee is instant coffee, but not all instant coffees are freeze-dried. Sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry; this article will tell you everything about freeze-dried coffee. Freeze-dried coffee is a coffee extract that has undergone a freezing process and then a process that removes the liquid and ice from the product. The result is …

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What is Flash Brew Coffee

What is Flash Brew Coffee?

If you’ve been to a trendy coffee shop lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen “flash brew” on the menu. You may have wondered what it was or if it was worth trying. If you love rich, flavorful coffee, flash brew might be your new favorite way to get your caffeine fix. Read on to …

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What is a Gibraltar Coffee

What is a Gibraltar Coffee?

Gibraltar coffee is a drink made from equal parts steamed milk and espresso. Other common names for a Gibraltar are Cortado and Gibraltar. The name Cortado comes from the Spanish language, meaning to cut. This name indicates the espresso is cut with steamed milk. As a coffee enthusiast, I have researched the best way to …

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