does coffee have carbs

Does Coffee Have Carbs?

Does coffee have carbs? If you’re like most people, the pandemic has led to a few extra pounds. That might have you looking to clean up your diet and lower your carb intake. It might also have you worried about whether your daily cup of cold brew coffee from your local coffee shop is sabotaging your efforts. So does coffee contain carbohydrates, or can it still be a healthy part of a low-carb lifestyle? Does coffee contain carbohydrates? Yes. Coffee …

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what is blonde espresso

What is Blonde Espresso?

Do you ever wonder, “What exactly is this ‘blonde espresso’ I keep hearing about?” You’re not alone. Millions of coffee lovers, Starbucks devotees, espresso enthusiasts, and coffee bean fans of all stripes are sometimes lost defining the term. The confusion happens for many reasons, mainly because of the way companies market blonde espressos and coffees …

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