The Best Aspen Coffee Recipe

The Best Aspen Coffee Recipe

From thick and syrupy to bubbly and fizzy, there are many options for coffee cocktails. But none beats the creamy and nutty aspen coffee. If you’re unsure how to make one, this aspen coffee recipe is helpful.

Aspen Coffee Recipe

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Prep Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 4


½ cup chilled whipping cream

8 tbsp. Baileys Irish cream

8 tbsp. Frangelico liqueur, hazelnut

½ cup Kahlua

2 ½ cups coffee, hot and freshly brewed


  • Using an electric mixer, beat the whipped cream until it’s soft. You can do this step 4 hours before; remember to cover and chill the cream.
  • Take four coffee mugs and pour 2 tbsp. Baileys Irish liqueur, 2 tbsp. Hazelnut Frangelico liqueur and ½ oz. Kahlua into each cup.
  • Fill each mug with freshly brewed hot coffee.
  • Dollop whipped cream in each mug and serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

Value Amount As % of Daily Value
Total fat 5g 6%
Saturated fat 3.1g 16%
Cholesterol 17mg 6%
Sodium 2,350mg 100%
Carbohydrates 12.2g 4%
Dietary fiber 0g 0%
Sugar 35.6g 71%
Protein 0.6g
Calcium 14mg 1%
Vitamin 0 0%
Potassium 98mg 2%
Calories 249

Aspen Coffee Recipe Notes

  • Four (or more) mugs are great if you have company. However, if you’re alone and want to make a single serving, then the ingredients in the aspen coffee recipe above adjust to:
  • ½ oz. of whipped cream
  • 2 tbsp. of Baileys liqueur
  • 2 tbsp. of hazelnut Frangelico liqueur
  • , ½ oz. of Kahlua, and
  • Just over ½ a cup of coffee
  1. Aspen coffee tastes best when served warm. However, you can choose to do it on the rocks. The cold coffee and Kahlua will tingle your taste buds for fun. And if you’re a liqueur fan, you can add a splash of Grand Marnier for its distinctive orange flavor that delivers notes of vanilla and oak.
  2. Don’t have Bailey’s Irish cream on your aspen coffee recipe? Feel free to use pretty much any other Irish cream that’s based on Irish whiskey. That said, Baileys is always the preferred choice because of its rich, buttery qualities. It has toffee and nutty hazelnut notes that make it enjoyable on the rocks.
  3. This aspen coffee recipe uses just enough whipped cream. But if you prefer yours heavy on the foam, knock yourself out. Most store-bought whipped cream has some sugar so you won’t need additional sugar. But just in case you have a sweet tooth, you can add some sugar to whipped cream just before beating it.

Best Time for an Aspen Coffee

There’s never a wrong time to enjoy a creamy, nutty mug of aspen coffee. But being a heavily spiked cocktail, you’ll probably love it best as an after-dinner drink.

Top your hot mug with whipped cream and some sprinkles to add some cheer. With that simple trick, you’ve got yourself one delicious dessert cocktail.

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